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My Role As A ‘Homemaker’

I wanted to start today by reminding anyone that is interested, that my usual monthly blog post of

‘What To Do In The Kitchen Garden In May’ can be found here.

There is loads of information in this post e.g. weather conditions expected, what to sow / plant / harvest in May, jobs to do and pests / diseases that you may encounter this month.

I hope it helps someone out there.


This week I planted my climbing peas with a 'catch crop' lettuces inbetween inbetween

This week I planted my climbing peas with a ‘catch crop’ of lettuces inbetween them.


Today I have decided to talk about something different…. my role as a ‘homemaker’.  Previously I spent most days at my allotment, but now I spend a lot more time at home for one reason or another.

Back in January when I handed my allotment keys back, I didn’t quite realise what a change this would be for me and I have got to say there have been times when I have been so desperate to be outside I opened our French doors wide, just to feel the cold winter air around me.

My role as a homemaker hasn’t changed though and I do the things at home that I always have, but at different times as I have other family issues that take up a lot of my time now.

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In the decades past, most women were housewives, it was the normal thing to do when you married. Nowadays it is rare for anyone to be a housewife/homemaker, especially after your children have started school. In fact I don’t actually know anyone that stays at home and doesn’t work.

I do find that nowadays if you stay at home the role of a ‘homemaker’ is often frowned upon…in fact over the years I have been asked on numerous occasions “what do I do to fill my time?” In the beginning I would try and justify the hours I spent at home and then after a while I felt pressurised into taking a part time job, but I was not happy in this role.

There are a lot of women out there who love working outside of the home, but there are also a lot that would secretly love to stay at home. ‘The Mail’ wrote about it here this week.


So after I gave up my ‘little’ part time job (that turned in to lots of hours of overtime and stress), I then stopped trying to justify my time at home and when asked the question “How do I fill my time?” I would politely answer that I watch ‘Jeremy Kyle’ all day with a ‘fag’….which is really what people thought I did anyway.

Unfortunately it is easy to under value and dismiss the role of a ‘homemaker’, but I think it is probably one of the most important jobs a person can do.


As a homemaker I try to organise and run the home as efficiently as possible, making sure bills are paid and savings are made wherever possible. I meal plan and cook healthy meals from scratch, after shopping in the cheapest places for food. I preserve and store the things I grow, I ‘make do and mend’ and recycle when possible, without wasting anything.

I try to make sure the house is clean and tidy using ‘old fashioned cleaning methods’ that are environmentally friendly and clothes are washed using a homemade laundry liquid, then ironed and put away.

I don’t run my four allotments anymore, but I have created a vegetable patch in my back garden and I will try to grow as much as possible there.

My parsnips ready to plant

My parsnips ready to plant

But I think the most important role I have as a homemaker, is to create a warm and comfortable place for my family to be in. A place where they know they will never be judged and their laughter and tears will always be shared with encouraging words and if needed, a shoulder to cry on with a ‘hug’.

I am certainly not saying that it is all a bed of roses, as money is always tight and I’ve got to say that being a ‘homemaker’ is the hardest job I have ever done…. but I do feel very privileged to be able to live this way. I know this isn’t everybody’s ‘cup of tea’, but it is how myself and Mr Thrift wanted it to be.

I would love to hear other people views on this, so please leave your comments below, thank you.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog today.  I will be back next Friday as usual.

Have a good week!