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When things go wrong, put it in perspective

I’ve had a few days recently, that haven’t gone to plan and a few things have gone wrong or broken.  Even after all these years of living the way we do, my immediate ‘ throw-back reaction’ is to wish I had more money, so I could buy a better ‘this’ or ‘that’.  These are the days, I find this way of living hard.

Today and yesterday were such days.  On Sunday, after my Diwali meal, my oven broke.  The cooker was in the house when we moved in ten years ago.  It was always our plan to buy a new one as soon as possible, but it cooked so well, we decided to keep it for as long as it worked, so it really did well for us.

We decided it really wasn’t worth repairing, as the handle on the grill pan was broken, the door had a big dent in, the oven door handle had broken off  and the hob had the remains of a plastic bowl which my husband had set a light a few years ago, by accident, which melted and gelled onto the hob (I’ll tell you that story another time)….so it wasn’t worth repairing.

We have some money put by for emergencies, so we did some homework, looking at reviews and prices and on Monday we went to a local shop and brought a Beko, free-standing double oven and grill.   They even agreed to fit it yesterday, which they did.  The only trouble is, it doesn’t work.

Yesterday, I made a tried and tested cake in the new oven and it took nearly 45 minutes to cook, whereas my old cooker would only take 25 minutes for this recipe, so I knew something wasn’t quite right.  So I went out and bought an oven thermometer and found that even after pre heating the oven for twenty minutes each time, Gas Mark 3, 4, 5, and 6 were all at a temperature of 170C which is gas Mark 3.  I turned the oven up to Gas Mark 9 and the temperature shot up to 280C which is way over Gas Mark 9, which incidentally is 240C.  So it was definitely faulty.

As you well know, I use my cooker a lot, so I was distraught.  So we toddled back to the shop first thing this morning and after a bit of a disagreement, the manager agreed to exchange it for another cooker.  I have chosen a cooker with a high level grill, because it was the only one in our price range in the shop, that we knew had good reviews and I think this is very important.

The down side is, they can’t fit the new cooker until Tuesday next week (even though they could fit the other cooker the day after we purchased it).  So for now, I’m left without a cooker, which is going to be difficult with a dairy intolerant daughter.

So this is where I started my post today, saying that on days like these, I find this way of living hard……but then I went to see my friend.

I have known my friend for many years and shared most of my adult life with her, working together, girlie holidays, children etc.  In fact, all those years ago, she was the one that named me ‘The Packet Mix Queen’, which I mention in the ‘About Us’’ page.  Over the years her and her husband have been here for me at my low points and have always, always helped me through them.

My friend is now very poorly.  I won’t go into details, but what I will say is, every week I visit, I realise that money isn’t everything and I am so lucky to be who I am and live the life I have.

Sometimes, I need to be reminded of this and this was one of these days.  My cooker is just a tiny hindrance in my life, not a big life changing disaster.  We may not have lots of money, expensive holidays and the latest gadgets, but we have our health and each other, what more could I ask for in life.

Thank you for reading my blog today.