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Chocolate Chip Cookies And Putting The Allotment To Bed

Today at the allotment I pulled up the last of my outdoor spring onions.  My daughter eats spring onions like sweets, so I made sure there were some ready for when she came home from school.

I also picked a couple of small cabbages and some carrots for tea.

I spent a lot of the morning digging holes for three large posts, to support the grape vines I bought in the summer.  I managed to buy them when they were reduced to just £1.50 each, so I bought three.

I knew I wouldn’t get round to putting up the supports for a while, so I just planted the grape vines where I wanted them to grow and left them to sprawl over the floor a while.

Today, I finally managed to put the posts and wire up and I tied the grape vines to their new wire supports.  I’m looking forward to some grapes in the future so maybe I can start to make some wine?  This will be a new adventure for me.

While I was doing all of this, a frog jumped out and sat watching me for about an hour.  It was really quite sweet and I couldn’t help talking to it.  It probably thought I was mad!

I also did some clearing again today.  I pulled up my pumpkin plants, sweet corn and some more calendula near to my shed.

At this time of the year I have mixed feelings, as I love to clear the old crops away and feel like the plot is being ‘put to bed’ for the winter , but I also feel very sad as I have to wait a good few ‘cold winter’  months before I can start to sow crops again.  However, I always cheer myself up with the thought of planning next year’s crops and looking through seed catalogues.


Today I made some biscuits for the weekend.  These biscuits are my families favourite and they eat them extremely quickly.  To get around this, I freeze the biscuits and just bring a few out daily.  They freeze very well and take less than half an hour to defrost.

In this recipe I use cooking chocolate, which I chop up into small pieces.  I find this a lot cheaper than buying chocolate chips and doesn’t take too long to do and it tastes just as nice.

For those readers who are dairy intolerant, the margarine and chocolate can be substituted with dairy free alternatives and the biscuits taste just as good.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:



75 grams of Margarine

175 grams of Demerara Sugar

Few drops of Vanilla Extract

1 Egg

175 grams of self-raising flour

100 grams of cooking chocolate


Preheat your oven Gas 4 / 180C / 350F

Put the margarine sugar, and vanilla extract into a bowl and cream together until combined.

Add the egg and beat into the mixture.

Sift the flour into the bowl and add the chocolate.

Fold the flour and chocolate into the mixture until all the flour has disappeared.

Roll the mixture into small balls with your hands and place the balls on a greased baking sheet.

(Make sure you give each ball lots of room to spread out).

Bake for approximately 15 minutes.

Leave to cool on the baking tray for one minute before transferring to a cooling tray.

Thank you for reading my blog today.