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How We Store Our Veg, Preserves, Bargains, etc In Our Little House

Today I thought I’d let you into my home and see where I prepare all our meals and make the jams and pickles etc. and how I store my produce ready for the winter.

Our Little kitchen:

This is my kitchen.  You can’t swing a cat in it.  In fact, if me and my husband are both in it at the same time, we bump into each other.

I don’t have a massive area to work in and the cooker is old, but it works and I’m happy with it.

Every item in the kitchen has to work to keep it’s space.  This means I can’t buy items that I won’t use regularly.

You can see from the picture above that every space has something in it.  In the plastic containers on top of the cupboards I have pasta, bread flour, plain flour, self raising flour etc.  The things I use regularly and buy once a month on my ‘payday’ shopping trip.  You can also see my trusty breadmaker, which really earns it’s keep!

You can see in the picture above that I also keep old glass jars on top of the cupboard and right at the end, near to the window, is my lovely maslin pan, which I use regularly to make jam.

In the photo above, you can see my recipe folder and books.  There are only a few books on my shelf, as I find too many books only actually have one or two recipes in that I use and these books just do not warrant the space they take up in my tiny kitchen.

 This is my pantry.  When I first moved into our house, I thought that it was extremely oldfashioned to have a pantry.  I love my pantry now.

As our kitchen is so small, we actually have our fridge in the pantry!

I store all of my tins, herbs and condiments in here.  It is always full.

My Dining Room:

This is one of my three freezers, that incidentally all sit in our ‘dinning room’.  I know it’s a strange place to have freezers, but we have no where else for them to go, but it doesn’t bother us.

The freezer above is a chest freezer that stores all my allotment goodies.  I know exactly what I have in there, as I have a list where I cross things off as I use them or add things to the list.

The other two have meat, fish and homemade meals in them e.g. spag bog’s, pasta sauces, chilli’s etc.  I also have cakes, scones and biscuits ready for packed lunches and I always make a weeks worth of bread at the weekend and freeze it.

I always leave space in my freezer for any reduced items that I come across too.

Our Bedroom:

Butternut squash sits in my bedroom

We have a very romantic bedroom!

I store my winter squashes in my bedroom as it’s the coolest room in the house.

I even use our bedroom to chit my potatoes at the beginning of the year…I told you it was romantic!

Below is the cupboard where I keep all my homemade preserves

I also have boxes tucked away, that have different things in, that I buy when they are reduced

The only rule I have, is I can only buy things that we do actually use regularly.

“It’s only a bargain if you would use it anyway”

My drinks cabinet – (the bottom of our wardrobe)

Outside in our garden:

In the next photo below, you can see the storage boxes in our garden.  They are ventilated and keep the frost off the produce I store in them.

I keep my potatoes, onions, garlic and shallots in these boxes and also my apples.  If it is frosty, I dig up my swedes and put them in a box of slightly damp compost so I can use them when I want.

This is the greenhouse that I raise all my seeds in.  I really love my greenhouse.

  This picture was taken last year after it had just been given a good clean .

This is where I dry my onions and garlic before I put them in onion bags, to store in one of my three storage boxes in the garden.


So that is how we store things in our house.

There are still some vegetables in the ground at the allotment over the winter to use as well, so we hopefully will be able to last the long winter.

Thank you for reading my blog today.