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Merry Christmas And My ‘Twelve Tips Of Christmas’

#### I will be back on Friday 10th January 2013 ####

Enjoy your New Year!



Over the weekend my dad and step mum came for a Christmas dinner.  I thought it would be nice for them to have a few Christmas treats with the meal.


I made some Christmas crackers for the meal and each cracker had a little present inside, a joke and a hat that I made.  You can read how I make our Christmas crackers here.  I love homemade crackers as you can tailor the presents or even the jokes to the person you give them to.

SAM_7968 SAM_7967

My eldest daughters also iced the Christmas cake, putting marzipan underneath it.  It’s the first time she has ever iced a cake and I’m so proud of her as she did a great job.  She even made some icing snowmen and presents to put on top with Santa and his cottage.  My youngest daughter stuck them all on the top of the icing:


My eldest daughter also made some holly, but unfortunately there just wasn’t anymore room on the cake.


The Christmas pudding that I made back in November went down well.  We lit the the pudding before we ate it as usual:


I made some mince pies for us all to eat with coffee after our meal.  If you need a recipe for mincepies there is a good one here to use….these mincepies freeze really well too.


I’ve got to say we ate so much and felt like we couldn’t eat again for a week!


Important Santa Message:

Just before I carry on, this is a reminder to anyone with small children.  You can ‘track Santa’ delivering his presents all around the world on Christmas Eve by using this website.  My daughters had hours of excited fun watching him go from country to country when they were smaller.  It’s a free site so it’s really worth a look.



My Twelve Tips Of Christmas:

I try to think of Christmas dinner as just a posh ‘Sunday Roast’, as this way I don’t get stressed about cooking it.  As it’s nearly Christmas day I decided to write some tips to help with cooking a Christmas dinner.

So below are my ‘Twelve Tips Of Christmas’ .




Remember that Christmas Dinner is just a ‘posh’ Sunday roast.  If you have never cooked a Sunday roast dinner before, then don’t be afraid to ask your guests for help.  You will find they will not only be happy to help, but it also gives ‘grumpy’ relatives no excuse to moan about the meal.

If you have a frozen turkey, make sure it has fully defrosted ready for Christmas day.


Don’t make the classic mistake of finding that your roasting tin is not big enough for your turkey…check before.


Try and plan a starter that you can make the day before.  Soup is easy to make on Christmas Eve and it reheats quickly the next day.
There is a nice rec
ipe for Spicy Parsnip Soup here.  


Prepare your vegetables the day before.  Peel potatoes, squashes, carrots, parsnips and they will be fine kept in water overnight. Some washed and prepared vegetables can just be kept in plastic food bags overnight in the fridge e.g. Brussel sprouts, cabbages, swede, cauliflower florets and broccoli, etc.


Consider using a steamer to cook your vegetables if you have one.  It is more economical as you can cook more than one type of vegetable at a time, which also means you can cook a larger selection of vegetables.


Before Christmas day, decide what time you want to eat your Christmas dinner and then work out what time you need to put your turkey in the oven.  Work out all your other timings too e.g. plan what time you need to par-boil your roast potatoes, cook your vegetables etc. and write it down, so you have nothing to worry about on Christmas day.  


Lay the table the night before, so it’s one less thing to do on Christmas day.


Don’t forget that if you are cooking larger volumes of vegetables than you are used to cooking, then they may take longer to cook.  If your vegetables are cooked too early, keep them in the saucepan with a lid on – it’s surprising how long they stay warm for.


If you want to warm your plates up and you have no room left in your oven, fill the sink with hot water and submerge the plates for a few minutes.  Take them out and dry them ready to serve your dinner.  Or you can put them in your dishwasher and run a ‘quick cycle’ (but do make sure they will be ready for when you need them),


Your food will stay warm for longer if you put it on your table in serving dishes with lids.  It also looks more festive too on Christmas day.


To avoid the skin on your turkey shriveling as it cools, baste the turkey as soon as it comes out of the oven.


If you aren’t lucky enough to have a double oven, cover your turkey when it is cooked with foil and a couple of tea towels. Leave it in a warm place while you roast your potatoes, (it will easily stay hot for an hour) and it will help the turkey retain moisture.


I hope these tips help.


I have decided to take a small break over Christmas, so I can spend time with my family.  I’m sure you will understand.

I will be back on Friday 10th January 2013



Just before I finish writing…..

Don’t forget that you can buy all next year’s wrapping paper, Christmas cards and even your Christmas pudding for 2014 in the January sales.  There are usually nice gift sets etc. that you can buy cheaply and store for birthday presents throughout the year.

We bought our artificial Christmas tree seventeen years ago in the sales after Christmas, for a fraction of the price it should have been and it still looks as good as new today.

However, please remember that “a bargain is only a bargain if you wanted in the first place”, so take a list with you and stick to it.

Don’t forget that the on-line shops have their sales starting on Boxing Day and some even start on Christmas day!



And finally…

Our Christmas’s now are cheaper than all our Christmas’s past, but I can honestly say they are also better.  I think that homemade Christmas’s come from the heart and give lovely memories in years to come.

Thank you for your support over the last year and I hope Santa brings you everything you dream of for Christmas.



Love from Mrs Thrift