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Looking Back At My 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and an enjoyable rest, I certainly did.


Our Christmas day was great and everyone said they enjoyed the Christmas dinner I cooked. The £9 Aldi turkey crown fed us all well, with enough for sandwiches the next day and I also managed to freeze two portions for another day.

My favourite presents were a hand blender (as mine had broken), two cake tins, two more cooling trays, a cake slice and a note pad for my kitchen. I so LOVE useful presents.


Now the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, I decided it would be a good to time to reflect on the previous year:


2012 has been one of the hardest years we have had to deal with as a family, but it has had some wonderful moments too.

January started badly when I fell down the stairs at home, resulting in the biggest, blackest bruise I have ever seen and I struggled to walk for the next week!

In the middle of January, my eldest daughter’s asthma flared up badly and she had to take three months off school and was referred to hospital. It took until July for her to be completely back to normal with new inhalers and tablets.

April saw my father in law taken to hospital with meningitis and he stayed there for weeks. He has recovered remarkably, considering he is 85 years old. It was a very scary time.

Things began to settle down at the end of June, which is when I made the decision to start my blog, thanks to Tony Wadsworth at Radio Leicester, who gave me a ‘push’ in the right direction. So if you are reading this Tony, “Thank you”.
My wonderful husband set up the blog for me and taught me how to post and here I am, six months later, with just over 37,000 views…and I thought no one would want to read it!



 In July we went on holiday to Scarborough and then in October we went to Eastbourne. These were two lovely cheap family holidays, which we all really enjoyed. (We also had a holiday booked in February too, but sadly we had to cancel it as my daughter was too poorly to go).

In October my dad collapsed and was rushed into hospital. He had cellulitis on his leg. I was very worried about him, but thankfully he only stayed for two nights, but he is still having problems with his legs now.

Just before Christmas, my step father also became ill with vertigo and after various trips to the doctor, he has finally been given some tablets that seem to be working.


One of my oldest friends has been fighting a brain tumour for the last three years and in January I really thought she had won the battle, but 2012 hasn’t been kind to her and now she is really poorly. I so hate to see her suffering.



I have had some ‘highs’ this year though:
The highs for this year have got to be the times I have been on the radio, my blog, writing an article for my local gazette and finally having my ‘Mini Christmas Cake’ recipe appear on the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ website. You can see the recipe here.

What have I learned from 2012?

Now I have written it all down, I wonder how I managed to get through this year.  It is incredible that I managed to keep my four allotments going, on top of it all, but I did.


During 2012 I have connected with lovely people from all around the world, due to my blog. I have learnt so much from all the comments written here and by reading other blogs.
However, I have learnt that posting six days a week is far too much for me. I will not post quite so often during the week, but I will still always post at least once a week, but sometimes I will post more.

I am happy that I have a lot of recipes and information on my blog at the moment and I will keep adding to it. I want to continue to write and improve my blog, in the hope it will help someone out there to ‘live better for less’. If I can help just one person in 2013, then I will achieve my aim.


Last year has taught me an awful lot, though it has had some very painful moments. I have learnt that life can be so fragile at times and how I certainly shouldn’t take anything for granted. I have also learnt who my real friends are and who I can rely on in my lowest moments too.


New Year’s Resolutions?…

I don’t have any as I never manage to keep them, but there is one thing I need your help with:

I would love to improve the amount of ‘comments’ I get on my blog. I only get a few comments each time I post and I so love to hear from people who read my blog. So if you read my blog and a have a minute to spare, please stop and say ‘hello’.

I would love to hear of how you do things and if you agree or don’t agree with what I write in my posts. If you have tried a recipe and it’s worked or you want to share a recipe that you regularly use. Also, if you have any questions about vegetable growing or even gardening in general, I would be glad to help.
If you are unsure of how to leave a comment, please see the beginning of this post.

I am hoping 2013 it will be a little bit calmer for me and my family.  I hope you all also have a happy and healthy year too.
Thank you for reading my blog today.