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What a ‘Whopper’ and Juicing Apples

Today I wanted a swede for tea.

My swedes had been sitting quite happily underneath my environmesh for some time.  I didn’t realise quite how happy they actually were, until I found this one today:

My rather ‘large’ swede, weighing nearly 10 lbs, sitting next to a normal sized apple.

Perhaps I should have entered it into a competition, but I didn’t, I just chopped it up for dinner tonight.

I was very proud of my swede until I found that the worlds largest swede weighed 85 lbs.  It makes mine seem rather small in comparison now.

You can see it here.


I also picked some yellowgages, which are rather dissapointing this year, as there are so few of them due to the cold weather when the trees were in blossom.

My first two buckets of apples, for juicing

My apple trees are a bit dissapointing as well this year, due to the weather, however, there was enough for juicing.

This is how I squeeze the apple juice:

First I wash the apples

Then I chop off any bruised bits or grub holes.

I chop the apples into quarters and then put them into my food processor and chop into large pieces, (you don’t need to over chop).  You can buy an attachment to ‘pulp’ the fruit, but I haven’t got one.

I then put the pulp into my apple press and squeeze the apple juice out.

I sieve my apple juice and then I put it into plastic bottles and freeze the juice.  I find it easier this way, as I don’t have the expense of buying the glass bottles or bringing the bottles up to the right temperature.  Each bottle contains just enough for my daughters to have at lunch.  I take the bottle out of the freezer in the morning and pop it into their lunch boxes.  It then defrosts by lunch time and while it’s still frozen it helps to keep the lunch box cool too.

I managed to squeeze 29 small bottles and 1 large bottle out of the two buckets of apples.  I will pick some more apples and juice them in a couple of days.

The apple juice is cloudy, but you can pour the juice through some muslin, to make a less cloudy juice.  However, I’ve read by leaving it in, then you are retaining the goodness.

Thank you for reading my blog today.