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A Perfect Christmas

This weekend I have been busy making Mr Thrift a ‘Christmas Jumper’.  They are having a competition to raise money in aid of the Rainbows charity.  He didn’t have a jumper so I converted an old one by using the felt from a ‘pound shop’ Christmas stocking, some old baubles, tinsel and cheap chocolates.  I also bought some cheap battery lights from Wilkinsons to add to the effect.  I chuckled all the way through making it.  You can’t see very well on the photo, but it actually says “Ho Ho Ho” on the front of it:

SAM_7871 SAM_7872


Our old fire place was fitted into the front room on Saturday and we are very pleased with it.  This meant that we could finally put our Christmas tree up on Sunday.  After Christmas we need to concentrate on decorating this room, but for now it feels like Christmas has begun for us.



This made me once again think about my perfect Christmas.

When I think of Christmas I have a warm glow inside.  I imagine children with smiles on their faces, beautiful decorations and a wonderful turkey with all the trimmings.  I can hear ‘White Christmas’ playing in the background, while family and friends all sit around laughing and chatting with a glass of mulled wine in their hand.  What perfection!…

….but this never happens.

It’s the television and magazines that make us believe that this perfect world exists and in reality this rarely ever happens.  Unfortunately, this usually puts people under pressure to achieve this imaginary world and they end up feeling disappointed and disheartened as it’s almost impossible to live up to these unrealistic expectations.

 ‘Real life’ for most people is a Christmas dinner that isn’t ready when you want it to be, kids running round madly as they are over excited and for some people it can even be friends or relatives coming round, who they don’t even like….sound familiar?  We put so many pressures on ourselves that no wonder we don’t achieve the perfect Christmas.


Last years homemade Christmas Crackers

I like to concentrate on what is ‘real life’ at Christmas, I refuse to be drawn into this ‘imaginary’ perfect world.

I like to enjoy my Christmas too, so all year I plan towards it so nothing is rushed at the end.  Every single thing I do from wrapping presents to cooking the Christmas dinner is planned so I can enjoy it.  I have found that if I don’t plan things, I tend to try and achieve too much and then I end up feeling stressed and unhappy.


Home made truffles

I also try very hard to remember that nothing is ever perfect and things do go wrong.   For example, I know it will be unrealistic for my teenage girls not to argue over the Christmas period so I won’t expect this. I’m also sure my Christmas dinner won’t all be ready at the same time, but it doesn’t matter.  If everything was perfect, life would be boring.

It’s how we deal with the not so perfect things that matter, if we laugh about things and keep them in proportion, they are easier to deal with.

Homemade Hampers

Homemade Hampers


So for anyone out there that is running around, trying desperately to achieve the unrealistic Christmas that we see in the adverts, please stop and remember that this is not reality and you certainly don’t need to try and achieve it.

Maybe then you will begin to enjoy it and look back for the first time in January and say

“it really was a perfect Christmas”.

Last years Christmas dinner table

Last years Christmas dinner table


Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back on Friday at my usual time.