A Hard Post To Write…..

11/06/19 Update:

Since writing the post below an awful lot has changed.  Our dog is lovely and my daughters have grown into beautiful, wonderful adults.  I now have three allotment plots again, which I absolutely love.

Unfortunately I still do not have the time to write my blog at the moment, however I do have a facebook page and an instagram page for NOTJUSTGREENFINGERS and I will be posting photo’s etc so you can see my new plots.

Maybe one day things will change and I can go back to writing, but for now I will leave you with the blog post I wrote in August 2016:


My life has changed enormously since I started to write this blog four years ago when my daughters were just 12 and 14……they are 16 and 18 now and have turned into beautiful young ladies who we are very proud of.

Three years ago I lost one of my best friends to cancer and then two years ago my father-in-law passed away too.

After this I then had to give up my lovely four allotments in January 2015, due to family problems and our rescue dog, who turned out to be highly reactive and took up an awful lot of my time (and our money) to train.


On top of this I have recently developed a lower back problem that is causing me a lot of pain when I bend.  I visited a physiotherepist and he said it is just ‘wear and tear’ and I should continue doing everything as normal, taking pain killers when I need to…..and this is what I have been doing.


The last few years have really been hard for our family, though I have tried to put a smile on my face and carry on as normal…. but things are now settling down in the Thrift household and life is finally beginning to calm down again.



Time to be honest:


However recently I haven’t really felt myself, but I have struggled on regardless.  Quite often I have felt very drained of energy and tearful and I have been really struggling to sleep at night which doesn’t help.

Mr Thrift and I have come to the conclusion that either the last few years have finally caught up with me or it is simply that ‘time of life’ that all women my age go through….or a mix of both!  Either way I feel I need to sit back and relax a bit more and take some time out for myself, instead of my usual rushing around.

So for now I have decided to take a break from my blog for a few months (as it does take me quite a lot of time planning and writing it each week).

I really hope you don’t mind me making this decision, but hopefully it won’t be for too long.



A quick update before I go:


My kitchen garden continues to do well and I am harvesting fruit and vegetables every day in small amounts:


This week I have taken up my onions and I have had a great crop….I am very pleased with them:

SAM_3677 SAM_3678

My outdoor and indoor cucumbers are doing well too and we are picking them daily:

SAM_3705 SAM_3712

My beetroot, kohl rabis and cabbages are just about ready to pick:

SAM_3699 SAM_3703 SAM_3698

And so too is my one and only butternut squash that I grew in a pot this year:


And I am picking raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes and runner beans almost daily:

SAM_3619 SAM_3658 SAM_3628 SAM_3688 SAM_3696


The flowers are doing well around the garden as well, which is great for beneficial insects that pollinate the crops…… it also looks very pretty and I’m hoping to spend more time enjoying it all:

SAM_3492 SAM_3580 SAM_3685 SAM_3687 SAM_3690 SAM_3695

SAM_3686 SAM_3702



And Finally…..Judy:


Lots of you ask about Judy our rescue dog.  In October 2014 we brought her home from the RSPCA – we were fourth owners and she had a hugh amount of problems that became apparent two or three weeks later.  The poor dog was scared of everything, but unfortunately it all came out as barking and lunging.

She reacted to traffic, men, bikes, birds, prams, the TV, men in hats, walking sticks, litter pickers, any little noise in the house etc. etc. but the worst thing of all was her reaction to other dogs….which caused many dog owners to shout and yell at me when their dogs approached Judy (even though she was on a lead and muzzled).

The two photos below were taken on her first week home with us in Oct 2014:

SAM_0225 SAM_0227

As you know we tried everything, kalm aid in her food, pheromone deffusers and collars and even doggie ‘prozac’ from the vets and nothing worked….until we found Steven Havers.

Steven trained me to deal with all of Judy’s insecurities and we will forever be in his debt as Judy has now turned into a wonderful dog, who we all love very much.

She hasn’t worn a muzzle for over a year now and over the last few months Judy has made lots of doggie friends and calmly socilises with them, sometimes in groups of ten or more dogs at a time.  She is now off-lead on the field in the park and nearly always comes back to me when I recall her……I am so proud of her and other dog walkers comment on how well she is doing nearly every day.

I am so glad we perservered and didn’t give up on her.

Judy now

Judy now



Well that really is it for the moment.

In the meantime I want to say a big thank you for your continued support over the last four years and I really hope you understand my reasons for taking a break.

Thank you for reading my blog today…….I hope to be back in a few months time.

Look after yourselves and enjoy the rest of the summer.


108 thoughts on “A Hard Post To Write…..

  1. Hello only found your site a couple of weeks ago but have been on daily trying to read all that has gone before. Go have your self a good rest you deserve it and there is plenty on here for us all to read, laugh and appreciate its wonderful. Just to mention, I too have suffered for years with a back problem due to “wear and tear” and am now pain free due to the fact that when we moved to wales, to get female company as we live in the middle of nowhere I joined a yoga class at the local village hall and that together with a Tempur wedge pillow has done more than years of physio and pain relief, just a thought for you to consider maybe ??? Many thanks for the site it really is a joy. Take care of you. xxx Lesleyann

  2. I am really going to miss your posts……but……you need to do what you need to do for yourself. Your garden is really lovely and very productive, you have put a lot of work into it. I am so glad things worked out with Judy and that you didn’t give up on her. Now it’s your time to relax and enjoy the “fruits” of your labour. I hope you look after yourself and and get relief from your pain. I will be here waiting when you are ready to continue. All the best to you and your family, Cheers for now, Catherine C xx

  3. As I’ve said to a couple of other people already this week, and it seems apt for you too, “If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot care for anybody else.” So please be kind to yourself and although I’ll miss my Friday reading of your blog, I completely understand your reasons and hope you will return rejuvenated and refreshed when you feel completely ready and not before.

  4. Am very sorry that you feel you need to take a bit of recovery time – hope things take a turn for the better soon. Your garden produce & flowers are all looking wonderful, so just enjoy that for a while! Maybe just do the blog as a “last Friday of the month” type in future?

  5. Hello, my name is Sylvia and i just wanted to thank you for all your stories. i enjoy reading them and they have helped me greatley with my new allotment. I am sorry it has taken its toll on you but i can understand. you put so much into it. thank you . please keep your chin up and look after yourself. from a grateful and happy reader.

  6. I read your blog post every week but very rarely comment. I have learned a great deal from you and am grateful that you have shared your knowledge for beginners like me. Please take care of yourself, your family and of course Judy. Life can be hard and sometimes we all need to step back and take time for ourselves. I will be here waiting when you decide to come back.
    Take Care, Maxine

  7. Sad to hear you need to take a break, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year, since I took on my first allotment in February. In fact I’ve actually read from your first blog post to this current one over the last few months picking up really useful advice along the way! Yourself and John Harrison have inspired me to start my own allotment blog, once this hectic first growing season is over of course!
    All the best to you and your family, and I hope your blog break is not too long.

  8. To everything there is a season. And it sounds like you are due a season of r&r. I’ve enjoyed your blog and hope you continue, even if only occasionally.
    Your garden (and Judy) all looking wonderful.
    With kind best wishes
    (Rooftopvegplot )

  9. Thank you thank you thank you for all of the time you have taken for these so interesting blogs and the wonderful photo’s and especially the ones of Judy. You have done wonderful things giving her a fabulous life after having such a hard time. No one deserves a ‘rest’ more than you – it must have really added to your time and stress putting your weekly blog together. I wish you the best of health as soon as possible – these pains are so wearing and if you’re not sleeping properly it will hit you from every side. You are a lovely person. Love, Patricia xxx

  10. Hi Mrs Thrift
    I have not commented before but do read (and look forward to) your blog every week. You set such a lovely example of a homely life style and not the mad consumerist way that seems to be the ‘norm’ these days. I have read several of your posts more than once and will miss your weekly updates.
    However as said previously you have to do what is best for you but I do hope you return to blog now and again to keep us all posted and inspired. I too have a recurring back issue and understand how difficult that is when you enjoy the garden so much.
    Best wishes.

  11. I have enjoyed your blog so much from veg growing to baking and hearing about the family and later Judy what a lot of hard work you put into her. Take care of yourself and your lovely family.
    All best wishes
    Sandra x

  12. You have done enormous amount in relatively short time, be at peace with yourself. I will still read your blogs wishing you sunshine and happiness

  13. Good for you for your brave decision. I have been a silent follower for a couple of years and will miss you on a Friday in my inbox, but I applaud your priority. Go well knowing you have brought joy to so many others. Kind regards, NZnichols 🌱🌱🌱

  14. I am so sorry you’re in pain; there is nothing worse than constant pain interrupting your sleep and life. When you couple that with ‘our time of life’ it can easily be a bit too much. Two years ago ‘everything’ got on top of me and I couldn’t catch a break. You’re doing the right thing; take time to ‘smell the roses’ as they say and enjoy your family, garden and dog. All that said, I will miss your posts and inspiration and look forward to your return! With love and my very best wishes, Helenx

  15. I really enjoyed reading about all the things you accomplished each week but did think you were doing too much, it was as though you were never still. Enjoy a long relaxing spell and perhaps a nice holiday with your family. Look forward to hearing that you are feeling good and working part time! xx Maureen

  16. Love reading you’re blog and thank you for doing it but you’re health comes first you have worked so hard you’re garden is a credit to you,have a good break and enjoy everything you have done, hope you feel better soon, Best wishes Rita xx

  17. I too have really enjoyed reading your blog and am full of admiration for the way you have kept going and succeeded with Judy where so many others have given up. She was so lucky she found you. Have a lovely rest and enjoy your family time and then hopefully some time in the future you will feel like blogging again. Thank you for such an enjoyable weekly read. xx

  18. I’m sorry to hear about your back problems. Life does get very hectic sometimes with one thing or another. You need to concentrate on yourself for a while. I understand that being a certain age may be contributing to things – I’m of that age and some days I feel so down for no particular reason! I’ll still be reading your blog when/if you decide the time’s right to continue. Sending best wishes to you, your family and your lovely dog. Xx

  19. I hope you have a good relaxing break- you deserve it. I so look forward to your blog every week Judy looks wonderful now. Best wishes for the future, Morag.

    Sent from my iPad


  20. I will miss your posts as I really look forward to them every Friday. But your health is really important and if losing stressful things in your life will help, then do it. I hope you’ll pop back every few months to give us an update because all of us here would like to know how you are faring. Take care!

  21. Look after yourself and your family. Remember that you come first. I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts and have bookmarked many of your recipes and hints. Take care and I hope you will be back in the virtual world of blogging soon.

  22. I wish to echo the comment above. Thank you for writing your blog. It has been an inspiration to many. Take care of yourself and your family( including your lovely dog) and I hope to see your blog again in the future xxxx Barbara

  23. How understandable that you need a rest. Your garden is fantastic and I don’t know how you find the time to do everything that you do. I love reading your blogs and I have lots of them to go through. You sound as though you are exhausted and everything has caught up with you so take it easy….and enjoy the rest of the summer. I hope your back improves and that you don’t have so much pain and thank you for all your inspiration and good advice. Bye for now 🙂

  24. Your garden produce looks fantastic! And Judy looks a completely different dog now. I hope your back recovers and you feel your normal self soon!

  25. Dear Mrs Thrift,
    Thank you so much for your lovely posts and have a good rest.
    Perhaps you should ask your doctor to have an mri done of your back to check it out.I found acupuncture and a good osteopath were very helpful.
    I used to find taking a Piriton tablet at night used to help me sleep.
    Your blog is an inspiration and there is a lot for us to read and catch up on.
    Please take care of yourself.

  26. PLEASE, please, please do not feel guilty because you are doing something that is right for you and Mr Thrift. Over time you have shared a great deal of time, knowledge, experience and pleasure with all of your readers. There’s nowt wrong with selfish. Enjoy the next stage of your life. DESERVE.

  27. I am glad that you are taking time for yourself. The symptoms you describe are also symptoms of depression. It might be worth a chat with your gp to see if they think a little bit more support is in order. Perhaps something like some supportive counselling. I sincerely hope you feel more like yourself soon.

  28. You are wise to take stock and have some time off, there are so many things that could be effecting you, and it could be worth having a chat with your GP, do take care of yourself and have a good rest.

  29. Take care of yourself and have a good break. Well done to you and your family for making your dogs life a better one. Keep on enjoying your garden and the lovely veg.


  30. Enjoy your break, take care of yourself, we will be here when you return. Sometimes you just have to throw the towel in and relax.

  31. See having the ‘time of your life’ isn’t all its made out to be is it ! Ha ha. As many of us ladies out there know. It’s time for some ‘me time’ . Sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer recharge your batteries and relax, hard to do sometimes as a wife and mum but very necessary. Everything is looking lovely in the garden and you have worked very hard to get it like that. Will miss you but will keep checking towards winter to make sure you’re back x

  32. I will miss your weekly posts hugely however I fully support your decision and you have to put yourself first without a doubt. I’m dashing off out now but didn’t want to go without leaving a quick comment. Take care of yourself. Tracy xx

  33. Hello I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and have been so impressed by all you do on your patch, with your produce, and by your positive attitude to everything that comes your way
    Hope you are blessed and restored by your time out
    Thank you so much

  34. I hope you get to enjoy your break from blogging & you soon feel better. Just a suggestion re your back pain, google golden paste. Its a life changer for so many people.
    Good luck in all you do.
    Kindest regards.
    Janet. X

  35. Take care and enjoy your rest, but do keep an eye on your symptoms and get medical help if you feel you need it. The time of your life is blamed for many things, but there may be something else there too. We all look forward to your speedy return. xxx

  36. I hope you feel better soon and have some lovely time spent with your family and friends. Be kind to yourself.

    I have found much inspiration from your blog and the answers to many of my vegetable question. dont forget my love for your new kitchen. But most of all, I thank you for your posts on Judy. We are experiencing something very similar to your early times with Judy. We have a rescue dog that we brought home with us 3 months ago. Everything you said in your posts about Judy could have been written about him. We have persevered and he is a very much loved family member. So, just thank you.

    Many people dont blog about hard things, they just want to make it all look fluffy. Your blog is excellent, down to earth and informative. I hope if you can, you will return.

    Beaming you much bloggy love. Sol x

  37. Mrs Thrift. I read your blog every week and I feel I know you personally even though we’ve never met.
    You are entitled to a well earned rest and may I say all my best wishes go to you, your family. Mr. Thrift and an adorable Judy the dog. Look forward to hearing from you at a later date.

    Kind Regards

  38. I shall really miss your blog even though I only found it a few months ago. I wish you well while you take some time off. For your lower back problem can I suggest you consider a Pilates class? I’m 74 and have a similar problem and it works wonders for me. It’s about strengthening your core muscles and easy to do at home once you know how to do it properly. Very best wishes to you.

  39. Oh, Mrs. Thrift, Thank you so much for all you have posted about your garden, your Judy, your Mr. Thrift, and all the wisdom you have shared about your life as a responsible citizen of the world. It is so refreshing to read what one person can do to minimize their footprint so that there will be a world for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. I adopted some of your suggestions and agree that true happiness does not come from the accumulation of ‘material things’.

    I am 80 now and remember well the troubling passage of ‘that certain time’. Tai Chi was a life saver then and I still practice some Chi Kong exercises which tone the body and calm the mind. Take a deep breath and monitor your health of body and mind. Will be delighted if, now and then, a post from ‘Notjustgreenfingers’ pops up in my ‘inbox’. Blessings on you and your family.

  40. Thank you for your blog posts, l hope your back shows improvement with rest. I am unable to garden without my back support, it has made all the difference to working on my allotments.

  41. Thank you so much for your blog enjoy your well earned rest,I look forward to any future blog.Take are and all the best to you and your family.You are an inspiration.

  42. HI
    We (my husband and children) moved out of the city 3 years ago and although I’d grown up with grandparents and parents that preserved hadn’t done so myself. Now that I have crab apples, blackberries, damsons and sloes on my doorstep I’ve been making jellies and jams for the last two years and we started growing our own veg again this last year and are currently enjoying the fruits of my husband’s labour. I found your blog when looking at how best to preserve beets and beet tops and love the homely feel of it. I have sent the link for your posts to my husband as your many tips are clear and concise and just what the budding ‘ameteur’ vegi grower needs.

    I have only just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it so I’m sorry to hear about your current troubles. I wish you well and hope that you are feeling ‘brighter’ and your health improves very soon. It is clear that gardening brings you a great deal of joy and I hope that it will be able to do so again. Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

  43. I admire you for being such a hard worker and for making the best of every situation. You have been very generous to give so much of your time to share your knowledge and common sense approach with others.

    There is so much useful content on your blog that I will be reading it for years to come. This year I planted peas under cloches thanks to you and it really worked. I unblocked my bathroom sink with bicarb and vinegar thanks to you. I grew sweet peas for the first time (not incredibly successfully, but they still smell wonderful) and I am determined to grow poached egg plant and Tagetes (is that right?) next year. Plus I have tried a good number of your recipes, all delicious of course 🙂

    I hope you enjoy a well deserved break and feel more like yourself soon. If you do find that you can’t sit still and you are missing blogging, then please could you copy and paste all your recipes and tips into a handy book, full of all the lovely photos from your allotments and gardens. I will buy it for me (my copy will have lots of corners folded over for my favourite recipes or things I plan to grow next) and buy copies for my friends too. This blog is the perfect guide for anyone starting out with an allotment, or learning to cook, or trying to be frugal, or wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, or decorating on a budget, or wanting to give home made gifts…..So many people would buy a book of this.

    If a book seems too much work right now, then please please just put a donations button on your blog so that we can show our gratitude for all the help and enjoyment you have given us. Let us give you something back to make life a little bit easier. Who else agrees with me on this?

    Many thanks.

  44. Sorry but it’s me again,I swear by a gentle swim,it has helped my lower back greatly.
    Please give it a go if you have not this.Good luck and thank you.

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