A Kitchen Tidy & This week In The Garden….

This week my sweetpeas are flowering beautifully around my arch and they smell gorgeous when I brush past them.


The bees are regular visitors now to the flowers in the garden and I am really pleased with this.  Unfortunately my Jack Russell is an excellent ‘bee catcher’ and I have to watch her like a hawk as she actually manages to catch them in her mouth and chews them before spitting them out….I really don’t know why she doesn’t get stung!

SAM_3345 SAM_3340 SAM_3335


The bees have been enjoying the flowers on my chives, but as the flowers are now going over I decided this week to remove them so they don’t self seed everywhere.

By chopping the chives to an inch off the ground, the chives will regrow and give me another crop later on in the summer:

SAM_3315 SAM_3316


My comfrey has been growing very well this year and the bees have also been been loving these flowers too.  Unfortunately the comfrey has started to lean all over my runnerbeans and so I decided to cut some of it down, but I have still left some of it at the back:

SAM_3317 SAM_3321

Comfrey can be used to make a comfrey tea to feed fruit and flowers, or it can be chopped up and put on the compost heap to act as a compost activator, however this time I chose to place it around my potatoes as a mulch.  The comfrey will break down and I will dig it into the soil when I have harvested my potatoes:



This week I have been planting lettuces again.  Unfortunately I lost a few lettuces to slugs in our recent wet weather, so I filled the gaps with new ones:


I then decided to use an old bit of guttering along our fence to grow lettuces in, so I bought some clips and attached it to the fence.  I am not sure how they will grow, but if they grow well then I will be very pleased….I will let you know.



I have also continued to tie up my outdoor tomatoes and remove any side shoots:


  And I have started to tie up my outdoor cucumbers (burpless tasty green).  These cucumbers are already doing better than last year:


My courgettes and patty pans are also doing better than last year too:

SAM_3342 SAM_3343

And I have noticed I have my first butternut squash growing too.  I am growing the plant in a large pot this year and tying it up my washing line post as it grows.  This is a trial so I am keeping my fingers crossed it works:



In my greenhouse the slugs have unfortunately destroyed two of my basil plants and I caught the culprit still eating them!  Luckily I still had a couple of plants left over so I could replace them:

SAM_3326 SAM_3327

 However my moat with my radish in is working well…..I found a dead snail in the water and my radish is untouched!

SAM_3349 SAM_3350


My strawberries are growing well and I’m picking a few every day:


SAM_3337 SAM_3336

And I am also picking my broadbeans as well now:



So overall it’s been a good week in the garden.




This week in the house:


This week I have continued sorting my kitchen cupboards as I never completed this job previously.  I washed all the food containers and boxes and replaced the contents neatly:

SAM_3309 SAM_3306

I also sorted all my storage boxes in my pantry too, so I now know where everything is and I feel more organised:


I also decided to give some of my recipe books to our local charity shop as I never use them…..I feel much better for doing this and my cupboard looks better for it too:


Now my eldest daughter has finished her A-levels and my youngest daughter had just one exam left (which she took today), I decided to reclaim my kitchen.  My girls tidied away their workbooks and revision guides and I spent the week giving everything a really good clean.

The kitchen has been great for my daughters to work and revise in and I have tried very hard not to nag them to clear away their books over the last few weeks……. but now it feels good to have a clean and tidy kitchen and some order in our lives again:

SAM_3351 SAM_3352


Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back next Friday as usual.  Have a great weekend.


23 thoughts on “A Kitchen Tidy & This week In The Garden….

  1. Its all looking so pretty & practical as usual.The bees have been busy encouraged by all your bee friendly flowers! My strawberries have rotted on the plants- not enough sun & very wet ,our soil is heavy clay so they arent in an ideal place.All I’ve picked are gooseberries & some herbs. Your kitchen cupboard looks so tidy,Imade some names for my containers today isnt that funny! So many things are white/powder & in similar containers so it got a bit confusing. Good idea with the lettuces in the guttering way out of reach of the snails. I made lemon verbena ice cream yesterday,I loved it but daughter & husband thought it a bit unusual! The girls are growing up fast,how nice they wanted to di their homework in the kitchen with you,you couldn’t swing a cat in mine(apologies to all cats! ) Have a good week ,
    C xx

    • It was really lovely having the girls do their revision in the kitchen….but what a mess it looked for a few weeks lol. What a shame that your strawberries rooted…..I remember I hardly got any last year too as they were in the wrong place. Have a good week carriet XX

  2. Do I spy some Dandelion Wine aging on your countertop? Just curious. I made some this year and it is sitting around in a slow ferment.

    • We have an extra bit of wood across the fence panel to strengthen it (as this is where the the wind blows the strongest), so I took advantage of this and attached the guttering to this. I’m not sure yet if the lettuces will grow ok yet, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t lol

    • Sounds elegant. I really enjoy all the clever and creative things that you write about. Happy gardening.

  3. Just tidied my son’s A level books out of my kitchen. Like you I had to try hard not to nag and just about managed it. Just need to tidy all my stuff out now!!
    Your crops are so far ahead of mine despite planting at similar times, hopefully we will get there eventually.
    Thanks for today’s blog.
    N xx

  4. Your sweet peas are further advanced than mine – I don’t have any flowers yet. Love your kitchen, looks so cheerful and a lovely room to spend time in. Thank you for your blog. x

  5. It is lovely to get the kitchen straight, the hub of the home. I do love sweet peas I didn’t get to grow any this year. No crops as yet, just need more sun! Have a good week.

  6. I once grew lettuce in drain pipes when I was short of space and they grew well….small but successful! Good luck with yours…….and I think your sweat pea arch is fabulous: sweet peas are my summer favourite x

  7. We spent a few days away to celebrate our 25th last week (Bournemouth in the rain – lovely!) and meanwhile the strawberries went bonkers. My husband picked over three one litre ice-cream tubs full. My broad beans are behind yours though because the slugs got the ones I grew in loo rolls and I had to start again, sowing direct. Meanwhile I spent a relaxing afternoon on the patio tidying the herbs and pruning bonsai trees and trying not to think about politics, or Armageddon. (These thunder storms can be a bit disconcerting.)

    • Oh yes I have been trying hard not to think about politics and the garden seems to be the only way to escape it. What are you going to do with all the strawberries you picked…..I made a lovely ice cream with them here: https://notjustgreenfingers.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/a-strawberry-ice-cream-recipe-my-allotment-this-week/ (it’s at the bottom of the page).

      How was bournemouth?….what a lovely way to spend your 25th. I would much rather holiday in the UK than abroad as there are such beautiful places to visit and I so love the sea

      • Bournemouth was actually very good. We had one ‘good’ day on which we caught the bus to Swanage and walked back along the coastal path, past Studland and along the beach to the chain ferry, hopping back on the bus for the return ride into town. The other days we enjoyed clifftop walks in the breaks in the weather and visited things like the aquarium.

        I have frozen some strawberries whole for use with my breakfast granola in the winter , we ate some fresh and the last few will go in a rhubarb and strawberry crumble tonight. No doubt there are more to pick by now!

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