Living Simply (Again) In The Modern Day

We have had a lot of illness in the ‘Thrift’ family over the last few years, which unfortunately (together with my reactive rescue dog) forced me into giving my four allotments up in January 2015.

SAM_6803 SAM_6753


In the beginning I almost felt claustrophobic when I was in my house and I just hated being indoors…in fact there were times when I would sit outside in my back garden even though it was icy cold, as I needed to feel the fresh air on my face….being outside made me feel alive and being indoors made me feel trapped.

To make matters worse I also had to force myself to take Judy (our rescue dog) out for a walk each day and I would hate it, as she would react so badly to other dogs and traffic, etc. by barking and lunging….I lost count of the amount of people that shouted at me on the park when their dogs approached Judy, as she went mad at them!

However sixteen months later things are now calming down at home and I am starting to enjoy my new way of life and Judy is nothing like the dog she was, thanks to our trainer…. our walks are even pleasant most of the time now.

March 2016


So it’s time now to get back to ‘Living Simply In The Modern Day’. So I have spent sometime this week deciding what is working fine and what I need to change.  I have written my thoughts below:


Meal Planning and Cooking From Scratch – No changes needed:

Meal planning saves time and money as nothing gets wasted and I can cook ahead, by making double portions and freezing them ready for next time.  Shopping is always easier with a list to stick to and I can check out prices on-line before I go.

Cooking from scratch where ever possible provides healthy meals for my family, that reduces preservatives, e-numbers and hidden sugars etc. and I think the meals taste better too.



Baking and Preserving – A new routine is needed:

Over the last year or so I have noticed that I haven’t been baking as much or making as many jams and pickles that I used to and I have only been doing the bare minimum.  However, as things are calming down now I would like to begin a new routine of bread making and perserving….after all, I used to do this at the same time as running my four allotments in the past…..’Homemade’ tastes so much better than shop brought.


Cleaning using old fashioned cleaners – No changes are needed:

I love my homemade laundry liquid as coventional powders upset my excema.  I find it doesn’t take long to make and is extremely cheap.  I also love the antibacterial vinegar spray and the polish I make and bi-carb is as good as any shop brought cleaner for my bath and bathroom sink.  So I am happy with my old fashioned cleaners.



Growing vegetables in my back garden – On-going changes required:

It is early days for my organic kitchen garden and I am making changes as I go along.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and I know it will be a few years until I get the garden as I want it.  The ultimate aim is to make the area as productive as I possibly can, but this will take time as the fruit bushes and trees are still very young.

I have ideas to make the garden better, but time and money hold me back, so for now I will do what I can, when I can and enjoy the produce I harvest.

SAM_1531 - Copy


Low cost living – On-going monitoring required:

This is something that is on-going.  I no longer crave the material things that others have (this stopped a long time ago) but we do have to watch our money as we still have a large morgage and only one wage coming into the family.  Our shopping bill has also risen since I gave my four allotments up, together with every other bill that increases each year……this really is another reason for us to go back to basics and grow as much as possible and make my bread, jams and pickles etc.

We also have two teenagers who get carried along with their friends and ‘Need’  money for this and that.  A few years ago we started to give them their own allowance each month to buy whatever they want and this still works well, as they have learnt that they need to budget for the month.


Environmentally friendly living – On-going changes needed:

There are lots of things that we could do better here, below are just a few.

* Keep recycling, but better still don’t buy so many things with packaging that needs recycling in the first place.

* Use the car as little as possible by planning trips out so we can combine journeys to save miles – this will also save us money.

* I could borrow my daughters bike for small journeys….I used to ride a lot a few years ago.

* As I said previously I could make as many things as possible e.g. jams, pickles, bread, wine etc. and grow as much as possible to avoid packaging and avoid the miles that the food travels to the shops.



Continue to learn new skills and develop old skills- On-going:

I want to continue to learn the piano as I love music, but I would also like to play my violin which is something I don’t do very often these days.

I would like to start to knit again.  This is something I used to do a lot before my daughters were born and somehow forgot about it until I knitted dishclothes a few years ago for my hampers.

I want to make soap – something I have been meaning to do for a long time now and just haven’t got round to it.  Again this will save us money in the long run.

I would love chickens and bees but it isn’t practical in our garden with Judy, our dog….However this doesn’t stop me reading and learning about it, as I never know what will happen in the future?




Peace And Quiet

One thing I have noticed over the last year, I find that I do now crave peace and quiet….maybe this is me getting older or just a reaction to the rotten few years our family has had…whatever it is, I know that living simply in our home will rectify this.

 But overall things are calming down at home for me and I now enjoy being in the house much more than before.  This will enable me to get back to basics once again and enjoy an even more simpler life than before, with the help of my new, muchcalmer companion – Judy.



Thank you for reading my blog today.  I will be back next Friday as usual.

Have a good week.


20 thoughts on “Living Simply (Again) In The Modern Day

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could give me a bit more info on your natural cleaning and laundry products please? I also get bad eczema and am looking into them.

    Great post, glad things are looking up for you.

    GG xx

  2. Hi, I really enjoyed your post today. Makes me want to get back to basics and get more organised. I absolutely love to hear about Just.

  3. Loved your post this week as I can relate with so much of it. It is refreshing to find there are people out there who have a similar outlook as myself and don’t feel the need to focus on purely material things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bless you for all the hard work you have put into Judy.

    • Thank you for your kind words M Daly and thank you for reading my blog……and Judy- I wouldn’t be without her now. I can only say thank goodness we found her (even though we didn’t know what we were letting ourselves into), but if someone else had taken her and then brought her back to the RSPCA for behaviour problems, I’m not sure what would have happened to her. I know they don’t put healthy dogs down if at all possible but a dog that would have been given back five times-I dread to think.

  4. Thank you so much for the blog. You describe is as a simple life but it is sounds very busy to me. I very much like the way you systematically review things.
    I find knitting very helpful. All I do is diagonal squares from scrap wool which I sew into blankets but I find this is relaxing after a day in the garden.
    Have a very good week.

  5. Having lost my Mother in August last year if am just beginning to realise I don’t have to feel guilty about the extra time I now have and your blog inspires me to use this time positively. Thank you

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog. I love the way you change your negatives into positives and you are a really good writer…..your blog would make a really good book…..just a thought!
    Best wishes

    • Lol my husband keeps telling me that but I’m not sure if it would sell or anyone would be interested Ann….If I had the confidence and did write a book, it would be nice to give the proceeds to cancer research wouldn’t it (as a way to remember my friend who died of a brain tumour)…maybe that would be the reason for writing it?

  7. I love having my hens. If you had hens in a sturdy run, do you think Judy would get used to them and just watch them rather than bother them? If you can make a henhouse and run (eg from pallets – several sets on instructions on the internet) and buy henfood by the sack from a feed merchant, then they do not cost much to keep.

    • I really would love to have chickens but Judy still goes mad at birds and squirrels in our garden so I think she would scare the chickens so they stop laying eggs. Also I only have space now where our grass is so it would be right next to Judy which is propably not a good idea lol….i’ll never say never though as she may settle down the older she gets.

  8. What an enjoyable read! I agree with Ann, a book would be a best seller! I also agree with smallholderwannabe….with a bit of careful planning hens would be lovely. Our Dalmatian was a little freaked to start, now he ignores our ‘girls’ completely. My husband made runs and weather shelters from scrap and pallets and the happy hens lay wonderful eggs.

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