Cleaning The Old Fashioned Way

As I said previously, I am having a break from my blog during March, but as promised I will share one of my favourite blog posts each Friday instead.

Below is one of the first posts that I talked about ‘old fashioned cleaning’….I hope you enjoy it:


This week I’ve decided to write about  ‘cleaning the old fashion way’.  I am not saying I don’t ever use harsh chemicals, but I do try and minimize their use as much as possible now.

I simply feel that the old fashioned cleaning methods are just as good and often cheaper that our modern chemical cleaners.

Over the years we have all become more and more reliant on harsh chemicals and powerful cleaning products, in the hope that we can reduce cleaning time and eliminate all germs and bacteria.

I am very guilty of this as I used to proudly call myself the ‘Dettox Queen’, which I now feel very sad about, but we live and learn.

Some products contain chemicals that are toxic if ingested and when these products are used they are also released into the air of our homes and then inhaled or absorbed through our skin.

My opinion is, that this has somehow led to the increase of allergies and intolerances that children and adults now suffer with.  When I was a child most of these allergies were very rare or unheard of.  I also think that by excessively using ‘anti-bacterial’ products, we are also decreasing our resistance to bacteria and reducing our immune systems in ourselves and our children.

I remember there was a discussion on the television not so long ago, about chemicals found in breast milk.  Below is an interesting link regarding this:

Something else that I should also mention is that chemicals can threaten the environment, animal and plant life, when they are leaked out through our drains and into the watercourses below, so I think this is a good enough reason alone for me to reduce my usage of them.


So this is what I use:

Old Fashioned Cleaning Products


Lemon juice – this is a mild acid which has a bleaching and deodorising effect.  It also dissolves grease.  It is an antibacterial and antifungal cleaner.

White vinegar – it’s cheap and harmless to use and is a good multi-purpose cleaner.  It is especially good as a glass and mirror cleaner and removes limescale easily.

Bicarbarnate of soda (also known as Sodium bicarbonate and bicarb, and baking soda) – this can be mixed with lemon juice, vinegar or just water to produce a gentle abrasive paste that is a great stain remover and a multi-purpose cleaner.  It’s good for cleaning tea and coffee stains on cups and cleaning stainless steel items.  It is best known for how good it is at deodorising smells as it absorbs odours and neautralises them, so it is good to use in the fridge, in shoes and to remove odours from carpets.

Lavender Essential Oil – I use this on some pot pourri near my toilet instead of an airfreshner.

Tea tree Essential Oil – This has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, so I add a few drops to my vinegar spray in my kitchen.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – This oil is great for removing grease and oil, for example, around cookers.

I must stress it is always best to test these products on small hidden areas when you first use them.


You can find more information on all the above ‘old fashioned’ cleaning products here.

I hope someone will find this information useful.



Tonight for tea we had ‘Spinach and Poached Egg Florentine’ served with home grown new potatoes and a freshly picked salad.

The recipe is here:


Spinach and Poached Egg Florentine:

500g Spinach, washed and any thick stems removed

4 Eggs

A little bit of olive oil or a knob of butter to fry

1/2 pint of a plain white sauce

Grated Cheese to sprinkle over the top


Fry the spinach in a little olive oil or with a knob of butter, until just tender

Make the white sauce

Arrange the spinach in an oven proof dish with four wells in for eagg each.

Break an egg into each well and pour over the white sauce.

Sprinkle cheese on the top

Bake for 12 minutes on Gas 5 / 190C / 375F and then increase heat for 10 minutes to Gas 6 / 204C / 400F


Spinach and Egg Florentine




Thank you for reading my b;og today.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning The Old Fashioned Way

  1. I’ve been using these items since I was a teenager to clean my home, antiseptic for wounds and homeopathic remedies for mind and body. Over the years I have taught my daughter the same things. She makes most of her own toiletry products and has been doing so for past three years.
    My introduction to the simple life began when I was 13 years old. I spent sometime living with my paternal grandmother who still lived in the country in a small farm house my grandfather built. The only electricity was in the tiny sitting room and the porch. Everywhere else had candles. About two meters away from the side of the house was the “kitchen”. Along the back wall was a concrete? surface with two sunken areas. One side was for washing and the other side was for burning wood to cook. Water was caught from a deep well. It took me a while to master catching water as I lost the pail a few times. It kept falling off the crook. Lol!
    There was no indoor or outdoor plumbing. Water had to be fetched for everything. Baths were taken in a aluminium tub located in a standing room only stall next to the kitchen. The pit toilet was located even further away in the bushes. It was extremely dark inside (daytime) because of tree canopy.
    Everything was cleaned or sanitised with plants growing in the garden, along the road or in the fields located nearby. Even the broom and handbrush to polish hardwood floor was made from things found in nature.
    It was through my paternal grandmother I learned how to appreciate simple things. I’ve always used natural products with the occasional modern stuff when absolutely necessary. My hubby is a modern man 😔. I’ve only truly embraced growing my own when I was pregnant with my son, now 5yrs old. Having an allotment has made a difference.
    My grandmother passed away over twenty years ago and the house has been occupied by my cousin who also enjoys simple living. The only change he made to the house was electricity in all the rooms. Safety reasons (visitors with kids).

    • Wow, that is so interesting, thank you for sharing this. I wonder…do you miss living as simply as you did when you were growing up now you are with your husband, or do you feel you have the best of both worlds now?

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