Two Wonderful Days

As I said previously, I am having a break from my blog during March, but as promised I will share one of my favourite blog posts each Friday instead.

The blog post below was written in August 2012 and the two days are very nice memories that I had completely forgotten about until now:



On Sunday I invited my family round for ‘Afternoon Tea’.

Originally my ‘Afternoon Tea’ was intended for just the ‘ladies’ of the family.  However, all the men folk wanted to come too, so it became a whole family occasion.

This has now become a regular thing over the last few years, as everyone seemed to enjoy it.  This time there were 18 people including my 1 year old great nephew, so I was grateful that the weather stayed fine, so we could all sit and eat outside.

I took out my best ‘china’ tea set for the occasion (which I bought second hand from ebay).


This time I decided to have an ‘allotment’ theme to my afternoon tea:


I started by serving Patty Pan Soup and homemade bread.

My wonderful sister made sandwiches for everyone this year to help me, so we served these next.

Afterwards I served the cakes.

To keep with my allotment theme, I served the following:

A Chocolate Beetroot Cake, with chocolate butter icing and a chocolate topping,

A Pumpkin and Orange Cake,

A Rhubarb and Ginger Cake,


Blackberry Flapjacks,


Apple & Yellow Plum Muffins,


And Chocolate Courgette Cakes


This was all served with lots of Tea and Coffee and a homemade Raspberry Cordial.

It did take quite a while to bake all the cakes, but everyone seemed to have a lovely time.

 The recipes for the Patty Pan Soup, Chocolate Beetroot Cake and the Chocolate Courgette cakes, are in the ‘recipe section’ at the top of the page.

I really enjoyed the day with my family.



The very next day:


Yesterday, the four of us went for a lovely family day out to Skegness in Lincolnshire.

Skegness is a well known place for a day trip when you live in Leicester, as we do.  It’s one of the nearest beaches to us.

It took two hours to drive there.

Skegness has a reputation of being a bit ‘tacky’ with the amusements and ‘cheap’ shops, but for a day on the beach you can’t beat it.

We took a big picnic, chairs, buckets and spades, etc. and had a wonderful cheap day, making sandcastles, playing cricket, collecting shells, etc and chatting about life.

The weather was good and the sea was calm and I had fun with my husband and daughters.

Two wonderful days with family, what more could anyone want in life?


Thank you for reading my blog today.


10 thoughts on “Two Wonderful Days

  1. Beautiful cakes and so many of them! I have to say I think you do loads and I struggle with one allotment and looking after grandchildren etc. You are inspirational.

  2. Wow I wasn’t following your blog back then…….all those cakes look delicious and all from your homegrown efforts..well done! A day on the beach with the family and a picnic is the best. I went to Poundland today and bought pretty plates and paper napkins to go with last years’leftover’ paper cups for our first picnic! I hope you’re resting lots and enjoying your time off x

    • Hi HelsBels, you can get some great bargains in the pound shops can’t you. Last year I brought a small picnic basket from a charity shop but we didn’t really use it last year due to the weather….so I am hoping 2016 will be the year of the picnic lol

  3. what a wonderful tea, our family do a big Christmas get together and we all bring food and take it in turns to host it, it is something we all look forward to, there is about 30 of us now!

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