A Blogging Rest…

The Last few months have been extremely hectic in the Thrift household due to family illness, dog training, Christmas, birthdays, etc and I feel that this has all finally caught up with me.

Mr Thrift and I are in the so called ‘sandwich generation’, as we have teenagers and elderly parents who rely on us (three sets as my parents divorced when I was young and then re-married).

Unfortunately I have found this all leaves me ‘frazzled’ at times and lately I have been feeling very run down…….I’m sure there are a lot of people reading this that have felt the same.


I have therefore decided to have a quiet few weeks, to give myself a chance to rest and re-charge my batteries.  This means I will be saying “no” to people for a change if they ask for something that isn’t urgent or life threatening.  I know I will find this very hard to do, but I’m not alone as most women struggle to say “no” and it’s time I became more assertive….

During the next month I have decided to make myself a priority for once, which I think is not selfish, but a necessity.  After all, as ‘Ovid’ said….

” A field that has rested gives a beautiful crop”.


So I hope you don’t mind but I have decided to take a month off writing any new blog posts.  Instead during March I will post some of my favourite blog posts that I have written….I will try to find some old ones that most of you won’t of read before.

But please keep reading as I will be back in April, Hopefully full of beans again.


In the garden this week:


This week I have been trying to add a bit of colour.  My local nursery has been selling primroses for 40p a pot, so I bought a few to dot around.

I try really hard to only buy flowers that come back year after year and primroses and daffodils do this nicely:


I’ve just got to stop Judy (my dog) from jumping on them now.

I also bought some posts to support my autumn raspberries and new summer raspberries.  Autumn raspberries don’t really need support but I did find they leant over my path last year, making it hard to walk down.

I used washing line between the posts as this worked wonders at my old allotment:


This week I also decided to see what had happened to the jerusalem artichokes that I planted last March in my garden.

I don’t know if you remember but I planted five jerusalem artichokes in an old metal pot that had no bottom as it has rusted away.  I thought this would be good to contain my jerusalem artichokes as they are well known for spreading and I didn’t want this to happen.

I dug a great big hole to sink the pot into the soil and wiggled my fork deep into the bottom of the hole to help with the drainage on my heavy clay soil.


I then filled the pot back up with a mix of soil and compost and planted five jerusalem artichokes into it.

This area is in shade all day, so I wasn’t sure what I would find when I started digging about…..but this is what I found….


Some of them were bigger than I ever managed to grow at the allotment!  So I was very pleased with this.

I picked five of the best and replanted them adding some new homemade compost to the mix:



I continued to seed sow this week.  I sowed my greenhouse tomatoes.  I had a pack of ‘Moneymaker’ which I decided to use up, so they are sitting warmly in an old margarine tub inside a propagator, again on my radiator.  Hopefully with some bottom heat they will germinate quickly:


The flowers that I sowed on the 3rd of February are ready to be ‘pricked out’.  There is information here that tells you how to prick out seedlings.


The flowers are french marigolds, antirrhinums and dahlias.  I will prick them out in the next few days.

During March I will be planting my onion sets in newspaper pots.  I will keep them in my cold greenhouse until they start to grow, as this will give my soil a bit more time to warm up before I plant them.

When I do plant them, they will go into the soil, pot and all – this stops any root disturbance and the pot will just rot away.

You can read how to make newspaper pots here.


(Last years onions sets)


During March I will sow red cabbages, white cabbages, corianda, mixed salad leaves, lettuce, greenhouse cucumbers, tegetes, sweet peas, cosmos and calendula.

None of the above will be sown directly outside as my soil isn’t warm enough yet.  They will sit either inside my cold greenhouse or inside my house for the moment.


This week in the home:


I have continued cleaning my kitchen cupboards and this week it was the turn of my knife and fork draw….I had things in it I had completely forgotten about!

IMG_3251 IMG_3254

I also did a spot of sowing to repair Mr Thrifts coat pockets and our seat cushions in our kitchen.

I always find sowing so thereputic.

IMG_3253 IMG_3252


Well that’s it for now.  Don’t forget for the next few Fridays I will be sharing some older posts with you.  However I will still be around to answer your comments.

Thank you for reading my blog and your continued support over the years.

I will be back as normal in April.

38 thoughts on “A Blogging Rest…

  1. Well, I am so pleased that at last you are having a rest from your blog – it has always amazed me how much you fit in and I am actually relieved that you are having a break. You just take as long as you want – it will be lovely when you come back after a month – or two! Thank you so much for all you do and for letting us into your life, and for making me feel really lazy, though I’m not! You show us all up, that’s the trouble. I hope that everything is good for you and your family and that the sun shines on you every day and that everyone keeps good health and, finally, that Judy continues to show what a lovely dog she is. All my thanks, Patricia xxx

  2. WOW!!! To your Jerusalem artichoke harvest. One of my favourite tasting vegetables, although I know not everyone likes them – they have a very particular flavour.

    I quite understand you need to prioritise your own needs – I have been busy today interviewing some people to hopefully support my Mum and step-dad. They are in their eighties and my step-dad has Alzheimers. There are three of us daughters who all support them in various ways (with our various skills!) but even so, the knock on effect can be quite substantial, as it also affects our own family life. Thankfully my step-father had written a Power of Attorney, so I have been able to take over a lot of the financial and other “household” affairs, such as arranging the house insurance, getting the boiler serviced, etc – and they do have enough savings to pay for some private care.

    I wish you all the best in your break! You do an amazing job with the blog posts, but you need to give other things priority.

    • Oh thank you flidfit. Alzheimers is so terrible to watch in a loved one, but it is great you have family to support you. The power of attorney is so needed and he was very wise to do this to make your job a bit easier. I will be thinking of you.

      By the way, we all love jerusalem artichokes roasted though I can’t give them to Mr Thrift before a day in the office lol. I heard J.artichoke soup is nice but I just daren’t try it for the same reason!

      • I understand that the rather, ahem unfortunate, effects of Jerusalem artichokes can be offset if one introduces small quantities of them on a regular basis to accustom the digestive system before going for a significant serving. A family with an allotment near mine have a patch which got rather out of hand. Mrs A told me that she sneaks little portions into soups and casseroles several times a week for a week or so before using them as a vegetable serving in the Sunday lunch.

  3. Glad you heeded the warning! The last few months have shown us how much you do so enjoy your break and take more time to just relax. x

  4. You are so right to do that: “love one another as you love yourself”. You can’t really love others else you are in a good place. Hope you have a good rest.

  5. Couldn’t agree more…..it’s important to learn to say no……and extremely difficult to do! Enjoy your rest and the start of spring and I shall look forward to reading your old posts and your return X

  6. Good for you. I’m amazed by what you fit into your week! Like you, we are part of the sandwich generation too and there are such a lot of demands on our time, It’s a struggle to fit it all in at times. I really look forward to reading your new posts in April and will catch up with your older posts til then.

  7. Yes, sometimes we do need to switch off and recharge. Saying ‘no’ is hard but it can be very empowering.

    As for planting perennial flowers, I totally agree with you there!

  8. I always find it difficult to say no… Someone recently told me to say”I’m sorry, I have other plans.” Just that, don’t elaborate or defend yourself. I’ve yet to put it to use, but I fully intend to try it next time! Enjoy your break with your family x

  9. Oh no,were going to miss you in a Friday.I understand though. I’m in a similar sandwich generation situation.As you know im an older mother of a 9 year old,elderly Dad(87) to roast dinner here last week ,tomorrow to my in laws to do Sunday dinner there.Cakes for charity sale,son to dress up for world book day & I don’t even do half so much as you do!(or a blog!)Take some quality time out with your family,you put a lot if pressure on to do your blog every Friday.Think your previous blogs will keep us happy for a while,the garden in a cyclical routine through out the seasons & you’ve given us a lot to look back on! Take care& all good wishes to you. Xx

  10. Do enjoy your rest, I too have elderly parents and grown up children, I do think that older children need as much if not more than toddlers lol. It is such a busy time of the year now so you enjoy your rest and I shall look forward to your posts on a Friday, and have a wonderful Easter.

  11. dear mrs.thrift,
    a busy week again…..you work so much……enjoy your rest!!! I look forward to read your new blogpost on april. the primrose looks very nice, i love this plant too. but at time they are a bit highpriced in my part of the world.i will look in march for offer on primrose.
    wish you a beautiful time,
    hugs regina

  12. Do take time to recharge your batteries fully. I fully sympathise with the pressures you feel from the older and younger generation. I looked after elderly parents for many years which was a privilege in many ways, but hard work too. Now that I no longer have that responsibility, I have a large brood of grandchildren to help look after; they are a wonderful blessing but so exhausting. So get yourself fighting fit – you need to nurture yourself as well as your beautiful garden.

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