Christmas Reminiscing

This is my last blog post before Christmas day.

I will be taking a couple of weeks off blogging during the festive period, but I will be back on the 8th January….. I hope you don’t mind.


In the week before Christmas last year my blog post included my ‘Twelve Tips Of Christmas’ which you can find here.

This year I was wondering what I could write about and I decided to write something a little bit different from my normal blog posts…..


Yesterday I started to think about my past Christmas’s and I can hand on heart say I have been very lucky as I have had some lovely times…..

……When I was small there was always such excitement in the house when my mother produced the advent calender each year….there were no chocolates in it, just doors to open with pictures underneath (except for number one and two as these had been ripped off previously, as we had the same calender every year).  Number fifteen was a large door with santa underneath saying “only ten days until Christmas’ and my sisters and I would argue over who would open it.


I also remember taking part in a nativity play at infant school….There were no variations on the Christmas story in those days, it was exactly as the bible wrote and we sang beautiful carols throughout…. don’t get me wrong, I loved to see my daughters in their Christmas productions at Primary school, but it was rare to hear a carol proformed and I would have really liked to have seen them take part in a good ‘old fashioned’ nativity play.

Another memory at Infant school was making Christmas cards and posting them in our ‘schools own post box’ and it was such an honour to be picked to ‘deliver’ the cards to each teacher to give out to their class.

I also took a turn in the classroom to take a Christmas lolly from santa’s sack….such a small thing, but such a happy memory of mine.


At home we had the same artificial tree every year and it always looked like it had seen better days, but I remember clearly the excitment I felt when decorating it.  It was wonderful to come downstairs on Christmas morning to find a room full of presents with the tree standing proud.  In reality there probably wasn’t many presents, but with four children in the house it always looked like there was.


On Christmas day we had a turkey dinner with Christmas pudding to follow and it was always my favourite meal of the year…..and still is!

However when I left home, circumstances meant I didn’t really have anywhere to go on Christmas day and this is when I spent Christmas day with the friends who I met at work.  I remember my old friend Helen would invite a few of us to her house and she would cook an amazing Christmas dinner and we all had so much fun.  Sadly my friend passed away a couple of years ago and I still miss her so much, but since her funeral my old work friends have kept in touch and once again see each other regularly, which I really enjoy.


And then 20 years ago I met my wonderful husband and very quickly we had two children and began to start our own traditions over the Christmas period, which I write about each year on my blog.

Family and friends are so important to have around and I think Christmas is a good excuse to get together and have fun….after all, the last couple of years have taught me that life is short and we need to appreciate what we have.

So this year I will be quietly raising a glass to the family and friends that won’t be with us this Christmas, and I will be remembering the laughter and love we shared.

I wonder if you will be doing the same?


Thank you for reading my blog this year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



46 thoughts on “Christmas Reminiscing

  1. Happy Christmas wishes to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your ingenuity and ideas and experiences – you really do brighten my Friday with your writing and I look forward to reading more of your adventures in 2016!

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    And agree with all the sentiments within.
    Just thought I’d share a wonderful piece of news, as its Christmas time. Today I became a Grandma for the first time! My day has been in a tither,whilst I thought,worried,wished and prayed for a safe delivery for both my daughter and my grandson. Off to spend time with the new family now.
    Peace and good health to everyone. 🎅

    • Oh what lovely news and how exciting for you all! There really is nothing as special as a new born baby….and becoming a grandma for the first time makes it even more so. Lots of love to you and your family XX

  3. I hope you have another lovely Christmas and a Church near you will give you a good nativity and carols. I certainly remember carol singing round the houses as a child. And in secondary school after the war every class had to make knitted or crochet blankets plus soft toys to give to charity. We visited every classroom to see their Christmas display. Thats when [age 11] I learned to crochet. Made more use of that than most other things…Look forward to seeing yiu in the new year,

    • I had forgotten all about carol singing around the houses. I remember doing this every year with the guides….I would take my recorder around and accompany the singers sometimes (the poor people who had to listen lol). What lovely memories.

      Have a wonderful Christmas Doreen XX

  4. Your early Christmas memories sound a lot like mine; not too much money but we never knew and we always had fun! I recall the year my sister and I rushed to see if Santa had been and our mum wrapped us in our anoraks as we didn’t have dressing gowns…..until we opened our presents and we were so excited to find nighties, gowns and slippers, all to match! Merry Christmas to you and yours and I look forward to reading your blog all next year!x

    • That was so sweet of your mother HelsBels to wrap you in coats and then give you those lovely presents. I remember ice on the inside of the windows as it was always so cold in the winter, but it never bothered me as a child (I would hate it now lol).

      Have a lovely Christmas Helsbels XX

  5. I can remember making paper chains, this was 50 years ago so things were even simpler, I think this added to the fun to have to make all the decorations etc
    A Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Happy, Healthy New Year

    Maureen x

  6. Thankyou, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Here’s to a wonderful Christmas for you and your family followed by a happy, healthy and peaceful new year xx

  7. You truly are the most amazing whizz kid. I’ve never known anyone as industrious and clever with all the things you manage to do. I love reading your blog though it does make me feel awfully lazy at times. I want to thank you for sharing all your efforts and knowledge and I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas.

    • Lol I don’t think i’m clever, I just ‘have a go’ and see what happens….I suppose that’s how we learn. Thank you so much for reading my blog and your comment means so much to me.
      Have a lovely Christmas Fiona XX

  8. Love and appreciate your blog everyweek. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Best wishes to you and your family and good health and happiness for 2016.

  9. Happy Christmas, & may 2016 be a lovely yeR for you & your family.
    We had simple Christmases when I was a child. Simple presents & happy times. It was a wonderful childhood.
    Look forward to your posts next year.
    Angela ( Devon)

  10. My early Christmas memories are much the same as yours. This Christmas morning will be the first Christmas hubby and I will wake up on our own! It might be a nice bit of peace before mayhem takes over later in the day when we all meet up at my mum’s for dinner and it’s going to be noisy as we now have 2 granddaughters as well! Happy Christmas to you and yours, I look forward to reading your blog in 2016.

    • Thank you Mrs Hughes. How lovely to still meet up with your family later on after a quiet start and how nice to be able to share the excitement of Christmas with your grandaughters too….it sounds like it will be a wonderful day for you. Enjoy XX

  11. Thank you for blogging. I love reading your posts, they are so gentle and I find them relaxing to read. Having moved from the UK, I love the very Englishness and the memories it brings. Only been gone 6 yrs, so not that long! Still remember the thrill of a Wilkinsons bargain! Christmas as a child had many similar aspects to yours, including arguing over the advent calendar windows. We got so excited about such small things! Christmas day was always a bit fraught and tense in our house growing up. Because of this, we are trying to do it differently with our, now young adult, kids, in our blended family. Lots of lovely food and an emphasis on enjoying hanging out together and being relaxed. Every year it seems to be less about gifts and more about food and company :-D. Have a lovely Christmas and will look forward to your thoughts in the New Year!

  12. A Merry Christmas to you and your family, including the lovely Judy! As a child, I always loved shiny and sparkly things and my birthday is three weeks before Christmas, so we always put up our tree (your childhood tree sounds just like our old one) on my birthday, which made me so excited. I loved all the shiny decorations and familiar carols far more than the presents. I was never an early riser, and my brother would wake me up so early in the morning to look at the gifts, and I just wanted to sleep! It was also nice to have company stay. There was an older couple who we were close to, (didn’t have grandparents), and they’d stay overnight on Christmas Eve. My mother made a delicious meatless dinner, and I always liked listening to the adults conversation.

    • Oh Lisa I have always loved the carols too, in fact when I was growing up our local church would sing carols under our two street lights while people would knock at each door to collect money for charity….it was so exciting as a child as it meant Christmas was here.

      Thank you for reading my blog and I really hope you have a happy christmas and a lovely new year!

  13. Happy Christmas to you and all your family including precious Judy. Thank you so much for letting us all into your life. I think you are amazing and you never seem to stop. You must be the best friend anyone can have and it’s lovely that you get together with friends after such a tragic time. We never ever forget those we have lost. I still am grieving dreadfully after losing my wonderful mother to cancer. She was always concerned for me, never herself. I had her here with me for the last painful 18 months and did my best but I am full of guilt as she had to go into the LRI where she passed away without anyone she knew, just a very harsh, uncaring nurse. I miss her every mnute of every day even though it is 9 years now. Your blog has helped me and I look forward to Fridays. Have a good break, you deserve it, but I expect you’ve got loads to do. Thank you again, you always put things into perspective, and for me, a huge thing is that Judy has at lasr got a kind, understanding owner, and has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to the professional help and your endless patience. I heard you on Radio Leicester, by the way. You’re just so lovely. Best wishes, Patricia xxx

    • Thank you for reading my blog Patricia and listening to me on Radio Leicester. It really has been a hard year with Judy but she is gradually calming down outside and she is absolutely adoreable inside the house now.
      It is really hard when you lose someone close to you and there is no one that can replace a mother. You did all you could for her and you really mustn’t feel guilty for what you didn’t do, as it sounds as though you did more than most people would have done in the circumstances….It’s hard when we can’t change the bad things that happen to us, but try very hard to focus on the wonderful times you had with your mum as I’m sure that is the way your mum would have wanted it for you.

      Take care Patricia and keep in touch XX

  14. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2016, Christmas memories are so very special so lovely to hear yours, I look forward to your post on the 8th jan and have a good rest.

  15. I also like to look back and remember Christmas when I was a child and when my own children were young. Now I have grandchildren and everything has changed again. Christmas can be sad too as we remember people who are not with us anymore. That is especially true for me this year as my brother died earlier this year. Thank you for sharing your memories. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.

  16. I love your blog, have “silently” followed for a while now. We live in Suffolk and have many similar interests so i am always interested in what you are up to 😀 Thank you so much for sharing a snippet of your life with us. I really look forward to it, each Friday. Found many things you have said very useful as I like to be frugal and have a vegetable garden too. I have 3 children and my eldest will be 16 next year. We also had a rescue Jack Russell she passed away a few years ago now, She was 6 when we got her and it was a very similar story to yours! She didn’t pass away until she was 19, so lived much longer than we thought. She was lovely. Hope you and your family have a super Christmas and New Year, and can’t wait to read your “goings on” next year. Take Care and lots of love, Sue x

    • Hi Sue and thank you for reading my blog and yes our lives do sound similar. Time goes so quickly and I can’t quite believe my youngest daughter is sixteen now lol. I have heard Jack Russells live a long time….how did you deal with the problems your dog came with when you got her?

      • we did training with Jemma (jack russell) the same as you, we had a german shepherd too at the time and he use to help keep her in check also! Hope you have had a lovely christmas and new year. We are painting ceilings today 😉 but first I am making some of your “anti bac” spray. I generally make my own cleaning products so thought I would try some of your ideas! Have a wonderful New Year. Sue 😉

  17. Belatedly catching up on your blog. Just wanted to add to the thank-yous. I too, look forward to Fridays and reading about what you have been doing and very occasionally having a go myself. Hopefully, I will try more of your ideas next year so keep reminding me / us! Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! xx

  18. Just to say how much I appreciate your lovely words – thank you, I felt that you were face to face speaking with me and it made me feel comforted. You always know the right thing to say and I do admire the way you live your life. Happy New Year to you all. I hope that Christmas was special and you did have some rest. You are the most talented, busy person in the world! Thank you for everything. Best wishes always, Patricia xx

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