A New Area To Grow Veg & Wind Damage!

Unfortunately my step dad has been in hospital for another two nights this week, so I have spent a lot of time visiting him and looking after my mum too.  I would like to say things are looking better for him, but he is still not right.

So this week I haven’t spent too much time at home.  However I have amazingly made a start on the new area in my kitchen garden.

I managed to use the stepping stones that were in our old lawn, to make a small path to separate the new little flower patch (that I created last week) from my new vegetable area:

SAM_2332 IMG_2820

I also moved our old chair onto our new lawn, so I can sit on it in the Spring:


Mr Thrift then helped me to finish laying the slabs around my greenhouse which wasn’t too bad to do, but then we needed to lay the slabs along the fence which wasn’t so easy.

The area along the fence had my raised bed in.  I had tried growing my strawberries in this bed and the ’60 day raab’ as well and neither were succesful.  I suspect the bushes along the fence were taking the moisture, so I decided this would be a good area to put my mini greenhouses.

First we pulled back the weed suppressant that had been covering the area.  I don’t know if you remember, I put the weed suppressant down in June to kill the lawn underneath it and then I planted my sweetcorn and tomatoes through it whilst the lawn was dying:

June 2015

June 2015

If you need any proof that weed suppressant works then here it is:


 We unfortunately then had to empty the raised bed!…

SAM_2340 SAM_2341 SAM_2342

I also had a dustbin in the corner, which I had planted potatoes in back in the Spring.  We also emptied this out …..but  I had hoped for more potatoes than we actually got.  However, we had them for dinner and they did taste amazing!…I do think the lack of potatoes was probably due to lack of water as I did keep forgetting to water them as they were tucked away in a corner out of site:

SAM_2344 SAM_2345

We then laid the slabs together and moved the mini greenhouses and our water butt onto them and I was very pleased with the result:


The next problem we had was to connect the water butt to the guttering that runs along our shed.  Unfortunately the back of our greenhouse is overgrown with bushes that we can’t get to and we came to the conclusion that if we fitted another piece of guttering there it would become clogged up with leaves etc which would either block it or enter our water butt:


In the end we brought a a drain pipe and used it along the back of the greenhouse and hopefully this will work:

SAM_2357 SAM_2354

Unfortuantely now we had moved the mini greenhouses around the corner, I found we had a gap between the shed and my greenhouse which Judy our lovely dog could run down and bark at next doors dog.  So after much thought I went out and brought a slim water butt and used this to block the area off and catch the water that drains off my greenhouse in the process.

I managed to get the water to drain into the water butt from my greenhouse roof by improvising.  I used a bit of spare pipe and a bit of thick plastic and amazingly it works!

SAM_2349 SAM_2350

I then had a big clear up and moved all the rubbish and old bricks that had managed to appear in this area and then I started to clear some of the old plants ready for digging the area when I get time:

SAM_2333 SAM_2363

SAM_2362 SAM_2366

I also removed the Ivy that had become a nuisance on the fence….it was starting to grow between the boards and I felt it would cause damage to the fence.  Some bits of the Ivy were quite thick and you can see in the first photograph below how the roots grow to ‘stick’ to their supports…Ivy really is an amazing plant:


SAM_2348 SAM_2365

I was very pleased with how the new area was starting to look, so I then took measurements so I could work out where to put my paths and how big my beds would be.


But unfortunately on Tuesday night we had gales across the midlands and our fence blew down!

IMG_2827 IMG_2826

The fence is a shared boundary fence and luckily our neighbour is an ex-builder and is going to fix it for us as we have brought and paid for items to do this.

So unfortunately my new lawn is going to take a bit of a battering while it’s being fixed and I won’t be able to start digging yet, but at least the fence will be fixed quickly.

I hope the wind didn’t damage anything where you are!


Thank you for reading my blog today.  I will be back next Friday as usual.

Have a good week!

15 thoughts on “A New Area To Grow Veg & Wind Damage!

  1. Hello Mrs Thrift. I’ve been following your blog with interest for about a year from New Zealand and enjoying the transition you made from the allotment to the back yard. I have only started my first productive garden, designed, built and planted over the last year, in our back yard in Wellington NZ, so have watched yours with interest. Life has thrown us a curve ball and my husband and I have been given an opportunity to move to the UK, we will be moving to Milton Keynes in the New Year! Would love to make contact once there, would be an excellent start to make a gardening connection.
    Regards, NZNichols 🌱🌱🌱

  2. You have worked so very hard in your garden it really is starting to come together, what a shame about your fence, it was quite a gale that night. Look forward to seeing the garden as it progresses, hope the fence is repaired soon. Hope your step dad improves too. Have a good week.

  3. Another week making your transformations such a good time to do it now(apart from fence disasters!)Its such a quiet time for growing anything -a good time to plan for next season.Ive had a few seed catalogues through the door so Ive got some bedtime reading to do. I must get out & tidy my little plot-the bean wig -wams are looking distinctly shabby with all the wind. Feeling a lot colder now with that recent weather front. My enormous climbing rose was lying sadly prostrate on the lawn.The wind brought it down in the week.Ive had a good at tieing in back to the fence,I had to get right under & through it & hoist it back up..I came back in after doing this and my husband pulled some dead leaves out of my hair-He said I looked as if I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards- which effectively I had !I have the scars to prove it too on my arms from the thorns! My whole back fence is covered in Ivy its surprising how quickly it takes hold.Ive left mine as it adds a bit of greenery to the bottom of my garden and doesnt affect the garden too much(yet anyway!) Ive made a sticky malt loaf this afternoon-It was the ‘chuck it all in’ method so really quick. It said leave for 2 or 3 DAYS to mature & get even stickier. Who are they kidding ? I’ve eaten half of it already !
    All the best & sending thoughts to your Step dad (& your Mum)

    • Thanks Carriet. Your malt loaf sounds lovely and I too would only have manage 2-3 minutes not days before eating some lol. What a shame about your rose, no wonder you were covered in scratches! I need to sort my bean pole amongst other things in my garden too, but I want to sort the new bit first…we have all winter to catch up though I suppose…..Looking forward to reading my seed catologues too but I try and read in bed and I only manage about a minute before I fall asleep lol

  4. The row of stepping stones looks simply beautiful. It’s perfect. I’m sorry to hear about the wind damage – I guess the gales come every fall for you? I have a short-wave radio and used to listen to the World Service. I remember hearing about the gales.

  5. Wow I am so please I have found you again. I had to have my laptop rebuilt and I lost all my book marks!

    So sorry about your fences, the wind is a nuisance. back in my book marks!

      • Luckily no. But I did find out that you can now get a very good laptop for about £250. Would have had to of saved for it or asked anyone who was giving a gift to me for christmas or birthdays to help towards it. £5 spent on some smellies would be better towards my laptop and mental health. Thankfully we could rebuild it at home. It had a virus. Sounds like someone sneezed on it Hope you are well

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