Decorating Again & Judys Birthday

Yesterday it was Judy’s 5th birthday and we bought her a few little presents.  She gets very excited when I give her a present to unwrap and her little tail wags like crazy whilst she is trying desparately to tear the paper off with her paws:

IMG_1143 IMG_1146

She seemed very pleased with the ball my daughters gave her.  You fill the ball with dry feed or treats and she pushes the ball around to make them fall out:


And she also liked the ‘doggie treats’ and tennis balls that we gave to her:

IMG_1151 IMG_1168

I also bought a ‘doggie cake’ from the pet store which she absolutely loved (unfortunately I didn’t get round to make a dog cake myself):

IMG_1129 IMG_1136

Today it is a year since we brought Judy home from The RSPCA.  It really has been a rollercoaster ride, but I have learnt so much after all the training.  She has turned into a lovely dog and companion for me and I am so glad I persevered with her, rather than give up like her previous three owners did.



This week in the home:


This week I have finally got around to decorating my youngest daughters bedroom.

After clearing everything from her room I started off by removing the very old shelves that really needed to be replaced and filled all the holes around the room with some filler.  When it was dry I sanded the filler down until it was all smooth:

IMG_2711 IMG_2713

I then sanded down all the woodwork in the room ready to begin.

I started by painting the ceiling and woodwork and then I pasted thick lining paper (1400 grade) on the walls to help to hide all the lumps and bumps.  We did consider plastering this room but it would have been too expensive for us and the lining paper was a cheaper option.

IMG_2718 IMG_2719

When it was dry I painted the walls the colour my daughter had chosen….a ‘soft grey’ and I think she chose well (though I did have my reservations when she first told me she wanted this colour).

IMG_2725 IMG_2724

I decided to paint her wooden curtain pole white, to match the room (it was previously a ‘wood’ colour).  It took three coats of paint and I couldn’t face painting all the curtains rings so I brought new ones, but they didn’t cost too much and it was still far cheaper than buying a new pole:

IMG_2723 IMG_2726

I still need to put the curtain pole back up and I also need to put together the bedroom furniture that we are hoping to have delivered next week (an ‘early’ birthday and Christmas present for my daughter).

And finally I need to make a pair of curtains for the room….we looked in every shop I could think of for a ready made pair of curtains, but my daughter didn’t like any.  In desparation I took her to a material shop and she found some material that she loved, so I now have another job for next week:


I love decorating, especially when I am pleased with the results.  I’ll show you a photo of the completed room next week.

Judy keeping me company while I decorated the room

Judy keeping me company while I decorated the room



A few other things before I finish for this week:


This week I made some butterfly cakes to show off the new cake stand my daughters bought me for my birthday last week……I really love this present!

IMG_2707 IMG_2706

I also made some more dishwasher liquid out of soapnuts:


While I was out and about this week I noticed that the seeds at Wilkinsons had been reduced to 20p so I stocked up with the ones I know I will definately use:



In the garden this week I found that unfortunately the broccolli ’60 day raab’ that I sowed in the middle of August is flowering… it does grow quickly (as the name suggests), but it has gone to seed before it’s possible to get even a tiny crop, so I won’t be growing this again.  I made sure it was fed at the beginning and it was well watered when the weather was dry, so I can only think the ground wasn’t firm enough for it (brassiccas like the ground to be firm).  It was a free packet of seed so I haven’t lost anything but time:



Also in the garden the leaves are falling from my neighbours trees and I will need to collect them up next week.  Previously I had grass in this area and I would just run over the leaves with the lawn mower to quickly remove them, however this isn’t possible in my vegetable garden so I will need to get down on my hands and knees:

IMG_2732 IMG_2731


My Cosmos is still flowering well:


And the tomatoes that I picked two weeks ago when they were nearly all green, are ripening well in my greenhouse…..(I am very pleased as I really don’t like green tomato chutney):




So that’s it for this week.  I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

I will be back next Friday as usual.  Have a great week!

18 thoughts on “Decorating Again & Judys Birthday

  1. How do you find the time for all that you do so well? I think one week you should have a topic called ‘organisation’ for those like me who are terrible at getting things done!
    I admire your skills

  2. Belated happy birthday! What another productive week. I still haven’t started on my pallet kitchen shelves again yet.
    Glad to hear Judy is getting on well.
    I’m with you on the toms, not a fan of green chutney either. It looks like you’ve still got some nice ones to keep you going for a while.

  3. A Happy Birthday to that dear, dear Judy! So, she tries to actually open her presents, does she? That’s cute. (I’m sure my cats would sit and let us do it – :D) Amazing how far she has improved in only a year. That is a lesson to all – never give up hope on anybody! 🙂

    The cosmos are such lovely flowers. Your daughters fabric choice will look nice in that gray room, I think. Very pretty.

    • Yes she does actually try and open the presents….it is so cute to watch. It is amazing how far she has come and really the improvements only started with the new trainer at the beginning of May, so I am very proud of her

  4. Aaw look how excited Judy was with her gifts.Bless her! I also had a large glut of green toms (we have no greenhouse so were all grown outside ). I put them all in the smallest bedroom and now have a glut of red toms, most of which have made chutney. I also made your peanut butter biscuits this week – delicious and gone in no time! Your daughter’s bedroom will look great.

  5. Happy Birthday Judy ,its been a popular month for Birthdays in your house this month. Its a very sophisticated room -I love grey -my bathrooms grey ,it can be a lovely restful colour & the curtains will look great when youve made them .You are clever -Ive not attempted anything more ambitious than a square cushion cover or two !Judy looks so cute opening her presents! Weve been so spoilt with the weather recently the clocks go back this Sunday so its going to change & I feel like going to ground for the winter ,Im a fair weather person but do like a good excuse to snuggle up in a cosy house on the dark nights. My tomato plant (by the back door )hasnt provided a single ripe tomato yet but ill give it a little longer till the first frost or WE will be eating green tomato chutney this year! I didnt grow any cosmos this year but I wish I had ,for a bit of late colour.My cherry tree looks pretty with the reddish/orange leaves & ive still got white iceberg roses out.I planted a few crocuses from wilko something to look forward to come Spring .I must look out for some seeds there next week.
    Have a good week ,
    Carrie xx

    • You have just reminded me that I haven’t yet planted the daffodill bulbs that I brought a few weeks ago….I must do it soon or it will be too late. I was told once that someone left a tomato plant to grow in the house and they had it for years and it grew enormous….I don’t know how true this is though lol, though I’m sure she would have only got tomatoes in the summer lol.
      You are right about the weather. I hate dark nights…I love the thought ofmaking myself all cosy on the settee in the evening but then I always just fall asleep lol

  6. Im just decorating our sons old room, soon to be hubbys study, its lovely to get things freshened up. The cake stand is beautiful, what a wonderful gift. Our tomatoes are going red still, i am making them into sauces when theres a big enough batch of them, glad they turned. Judy has come on such a long way in a year, i wouldnt be without our two such great company. Hae a good week.

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