Save And Plan For Christmas 2014

I thought I would start by saying a big ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!

I had a lovely Christmas and I hope you did too.

I don’t make New Year resolutions as I never keep to them.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have been determined to lose weight over the years and I’m still the same size and this just leads to disappointment!  I now prefer to make a list of new things I fancy trying out, knowing that if it’s a bit of fun then I will be more likely to have a go and succeed.

The Christmas cake my daughters decorated

The Christmas cake my daughters decorated


Save and plan for Christmas 2014:

So many people find that January is the time of year when Christmas bills hit hard, as credit card statements drop through letter boxes and the real cost of Christmas hits home…but it really doesn’t have to be like this.

Christmas happens at the same time every year, on the 25th December….and yet some people seem generally surprised that they have ended up with high credit card bills, which they can’t pay in full in January.  Yet with a bit of organisation, this can be avoided, together with the high interest charges that come hand in hand with unpaid credit card bills.

January is a good month to look at finances and start afresh, so today I’ve decided to talk about how the ‘Thrift’ household starts to budget for Christmas in January.


This is how we save for Christmas in the ‘Thrift’ household:

We have a list of everyone we will buy a present for next Christmas.  We then work out how much we want to spend on each person and add this up.  If this exceeds our total budget for Christmas spending,  then we cut back on whom we buy presents for or how much we spend on each person.

When we are satisfied that our Christmas list doesn’t exceed our total Christmas present budget, we literally divide our total budget by twelve months and we save this amount in a savings account each month.  The money goes into a savings account straight after my husband’s payday, this way the money doesn’t get spent on other things first.

If I see something over the year that is either in a sale or just something special for a particular person, then we now have the money to buy it and when January comes we don’t have any unexpected bills that we can’t pay….it’s as easy as that.



We also save for birthdays in the same way, except we now save twelve months in advance for them.  This then gives us the money in January for the ‘whole years’ worth of birthdays for the family, which enables me to buy lots of things in the January sales.  This is a great way to save money on presents or if you prefer, it means you can get a better present for the money you have budgeted for a particular person.

Incidentally, my birthday and Christmas list stays in my handbag, so it is at hand if I see a bargain.  This way it really is easy to see who I need to buy presents for and how much I have budgeted for each person.  This stops me from buying duplicate presents and overspending.


My Top Tips for Budgeting for Christmas 2014:


Consider making homemade gifts.  I make gifts to put into family hampers e.g. jams, pickles, knitted dishcloths, mini Christmas cakes, etc. etc.  These take time to make but are really lovely gifts to give and show a lot of thought.  I always think homemade presents come from the heart rather than the bank account and I love to receive them.  However these take time to plan, so now is the time to decide what you would like to grow or make.  Don’t leave it all until December either, you have twelve months to prepare.

SAM_7877 SAM_7879 SAM_7886

I have a separate monthly budget for food and I save a small amount of it every month to use in December.  This way I can buy some Christmas ‘goodies’ to enjoy e.g. a turkey, nice cheeses etc. without worrying about the cost.  I also use this money to buy the ingredients for my Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings etc. when they are on offer (for the last few years, Tesco has had a ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer on baking goods sometime around the end of October / early November, so this is when I stock up).


Don’t forget, if you buy your Christmas puddings and mincemeat (rather than making them yourself), buy them now if they are reduced at your local supermarket, as the best before dates are usually well over a year away.

SAM_7950 SAM_7952

And finally, I buy Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the sales now…Our local Tesco has some great bargains at the moment.  I purchased five packs of silver tissue paper from there on Saturday for just 25p each (it was well over £1 each before Christmas).  This will be enough for me to make lots of homemade crackers over the next few years.

I wonder if anyone else reading this has any other good ideas to budget for next Christmas?  If so please leave a comment as I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for reading my blog today.
I will be back on Friday at my usual time.

15 thoughts on “Save And Plan For Christmas 2014

  1. I noticed my 3 unused mini Christmas puddings had the date Aug 2015 so when I spring cleaned my food cupboards they went right at the back ready for next Christmas! A box of crackers went back in the attic -I hope they don’t get too damp to crack.Glad you & your loved ones had a lovely Christmas and New Year xx

  2. Sound advice – I too put some money away each month for Christmas and birthdays, also if I sell anything that money goes into the Christmas treat pot. Everyone gets handmade gifts from me so I try make them over the year so as to avoid a busy crafting December.

    • Love the idea of putting away any money from things you sell. It reminds me of our £2 coin pot. If we get one we save them all for holidays and they really mount up and you don’t miss the odd one here and there.

  3. Thank you so much for your ideas for christmas 2014 planning, i have always put money buy for presents, it is an ever growing list so i am going to have to have a re-work of that budget/people on list, great idea about birthdays and christmas food. I have already brought cards and all the paper in the sales £6 for 4 boxes of cards and 20m paper, so pleased, i make my own cakes and pudds and didnt find asda doing any offers on fruit this year, wish i had checked other stores.

    • Thanks Sue. Birthday saving has really helped us over the year. It hard the first year as we had to save up for the following year while still buying presents for birthdays in the current year….but the money we have saved in the sales over the years has certainly been worth it.

  4. I do the exact same thing. I carry my list on my iPad and in my sewing room I have a dry erase board with a list of names for Christmas gift giving and birthdays. I put the item I am making or buying and check it off when done. Right now I finished making and buying the gifts for my nieces in October and November. I will wrap and package them and I will deduct the shipping fee from my paycheck every payday so when October rolls around I have enough money to ship them. This evening I worked on a birthday quilt for my grandaughter and once it’s quilted her gifts will be done and packaged, ready to be shipped in early October. I also plan this way for weddings since we usually get a few months notice. So I am going to a wedding in late march so I deduct the price of the gift they want by 5 pay days.
    Seems we are both on the same tract.

  5. I love making gifts for people at Christmas. An easy one is to remove the label from a tin can and punch a few drainage holes in the bottom. Fill with compost and sow some herb seeds or transplant some fully grown herbs like parsley, basil or chives. Get creative and wrap each tin with patterned paper, fabric etc and decorate with odds and ends. I photocopied Christmas carols this year and stuck these on with a strip of red ribbon. Will try and do a post so you can see ( Obviously these are great as Christmas pressies here in New Zealand in the summer but not so great in the UK! However, when I lived in the UK I used to take them as gifts if we were invited to friends houses for bbqs etc in the spring/summer. A very cheap gift to make but very classy and always well received!

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