My ‘Forever House’

I love receiving comments on my blog, as I feel it’s a way that like minded people can connect with each other.

Today I thought I would talk about something that ‘Sol’ said in a comment over the weekend.    We were talking about kitchens and she mentioned that she would like a brand new kitchen when she moves into her ‘forever house’.

I think the term ‘forever house’ is lovely and I have never heard it called that before.   To me it conjures up an image of a home that is cosy and comfortable to be in, that welcomes visitors readily.  I want our house to be that home.

Our house when we purchased it in 2002

Our house when we purchased it in 2002


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have never really settled in my house, though I haven’t been able to put my finger on why?  At one stage, I even wrote down a list of what I would look for in a house if we moved and found this house has all of those things.

So for the past last eleven years on and off, we have talked about moving, but we couldn’t really afford to move again.  Also this house is so practical for Mr Thrift’s work, my allotments and walking to town and also my family are all settled here too and don’t want to move again.

So over the years we have scrimped and saved and have improved the house.  We started with double glazing, as most of the windows wouldn’t shut or open and then we replaced our central heating system (radiators and all) as it had an old back boiler and a one pipe system which was very inefficient and didn’t heat the house properly.   We then went on to replace our rotting wooden fascias and rusting guttering.


Our garden last summer

So after all of this, it really wouldn’t have made sense to move house.  So that is why we decided to finally spend some money on something cosmetic (our kitchen) in the hope it would make me feel better….

And I do feel better, as I absolutely love my new kitchen area and I enjoy spending time in it.  I especially love to cook when I have my family sitting and chatting with me in the same room.

Our Sunday Roast

Our Sunday Roast


I really enjoyed making the curtains too for the new kitchen, especially as it only cost me £16 for the material.  Over the last few days I have also had a go at making a roman blind for the kitchen window, using the same material so it would match our curtains.  It’s my first attempt at a Roman blind and I must say, my head was spinning at times while figuring out how to do it (I guessed some bits), but thanks to ‘You Tube’, I managed it:


So my next job is to cover my old seat pads with the same material, so they match too.  I’m not sure if I’ll manage it, but I’ll have fun trying.

I am really enjoying finally making our house a home..

Every piece of wallpaper, every carpet,etc. in our house, was chosen by someone else and now the kitchen is finally something of our own….maybe this is why I haven’t settled before?

  After receiving ‘Sol’s’ comment over the weekend, I thought again about our house and finally realised I am beginning to think of this house as somewhere I can finally settle in and it is now becoming my ‘forever house’. 


Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back on Friday at my usual time.

27 thoughts on “My ‘Forever House’

  1. Love the blind- great job there. Re chair pads- have you got a staple gum? it makes covering them so much easier. I know you’re in Leicester too – so if you like, I am happy to pop round sometime with my gun and we can shoot them together!! email me

    • Hi Angela, I didn’t realise you were in leicester, how lovely to have someone local read my blog and thank you for your kind offer. The seat pads won’t need a staple gun as it will be just a matter of recovering the cushions. I’ll post a photo on Friday and you will see waht I mean. I will remember your kind offer in the future if that’s ok?

  2. I understand your feelings entirely as I have had the same
    feelings about my own home. I say home now because after
    many years I have done enough major and minor changes that made it finally ‘our home’. You did just the right thing in renovating your kitchen. Now it is yours. Merry Christmas!

  3. We have never lived anywhere else – so this must be our forever house – we’ve been here 38 years already. We thought of moving once to a house with a bigger garden but couldn’t find one we wanted to buy so we extended the house and took on the allotments. We are on kitchen number three (if you count the original one) and likewise bathroom number three. Now we are decorating throughout again.

  4. I live in exactly the same house as you. Our current house was built in 1939, I think it is termed ‘inter war’.

    This is house number 13. The next house is a house for at least 10 years if not longer, I think 14 houses is enough for anyone.

    My ‘demand’ list and my ‘nice to have’ list for our next house are quite large. But it has to be exactly right. So I can knock it about and make it mine.

    I am so pleased that making changes to a your house has made you think it is now your home. I am hoping this will happen for us.

    Loving the curtains and the blind. I will at some point learn to use my sewing machine.

    Congrats on coming home

  5. I wonder if you moved to a new area, that might have made you unsettled.
    We lived on a farm for 3 years when we first married. We have lived in our present house 33 years! It did feel a bit strange at first, but I was still within a few miles of where I used to live. In fact I’ve always lived within 9 miles of where I was born!
    This is our “forever house” it has so many memories, I would be sad to leave. Choosing your kitchen is bound to make a difference.

    Best wishes,
    Angela (Devon)

    • Hi Angela. The house we moved from is only 10 minutes walk from this house and I loved our old house. It was just a small terrace house, but I still have really fond memories of living there. This house we live in now is also only four miles from where I grew up too. Perhaps it is because the terrace house was the first house I lived in my husband and it’s where we lived when we first had our children, which is why I loved it so much?….I don’t suppose i’ll ever know why it’s taken me so long to settle in our current house.

  6. Actually I should have added, this really is ‘our home’, it was a new house, we had to wait while it was being built, so no one else has ever lived here. That makes it special. Plus our wonderful neighbours.
    Angela (Devon)

  7. We moved here 2 years and 8 months ago. It was old and tired and a bit of a wreck. Major jobs were done first – sorting the death trap electrics,a new front door to replace the one that was a burglar’s dream, new fascias, gutters etc ( some of the downspouts were tied together with crepe bandages), chimney repairs, roof repairs. That took all the money we had, so everything else has been done bit by bit with little money, lots of imagination, and hard work ( particularly by my wonderful hubby). It wasn’t until every last bit of old wallpaper had been removed and every carpet had been taken up and replaced that it really felt like it was ‘ours’.

  8. This borders on freaky! My husband and I were talking about this only the other day! About this being our ‘forever’ house’. Exact words! Full on!
    Michael and I had originally bought this house out of need, and planned to move on as soon as we were organized. But over the years it has become obvious to us that we will not be able to afford to move, and this house is pretty good as far as location is conscerned. Also the size and shape of the property is good for us too. We have learned to love it.
    We were talking about it as our forever house in that it wasn’t too big for just us when all the children move out and its just us!

  9. Yes this is my forever home. Sure I would like to do some improvement, and even remodeling but all of that cost money. But I know because of age I may have to do something differently.

    Coffee is on

  10. I know just what you mean, we have lived in this house for nearly 26 years but i would honestly say it took 20 of those years not feeling like “home”, but once we stripped everything out that wasnt “us” it felt so different plus three extensions, now i couldnt move,

    • Wow, 20 years is a long time to not feel settled. But I think you are right that we now need to make the rest of the house ‘ours’, we have had a good start now with our kitchen….we must keep the momentum going.

  11. How sad to realize you had everything you wanted but didn’t feel at home in your house. I think it may be the wall paper and other choices that someone else choose as you seem very happy with your new kitchen. I like the idea of a forever home, prior to my generation families bought one home and stayed there for the rest of their lives. Having to relocate for work played a big part in the trend of moving every few years, but I also believe it says something about us not realizing when we have “enough”. I am hoping that my current home is my forever home and even though there are things I would like to change inside I know there is no such thing as perfection.

    • It is really strange as now I have my new kitchen I feel much more settled. I think you are right, someone else’s wallpaper, carpets do make you feel like the house is still someone else’s. We have a long way to go to sort the house out as most of the other rooms need decorating, but the kitchen really has given us a boost…it does now feel like our ‘forever house’.

      • I’m glad to hear that. Even though I rent I didn’t even move in until the walls were painted as I knew I couldn’t be happy with builder choices in paint. I know you will fall completely in love with the rest of your home as you tackle the decorating.

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