The Things That Make Me Happy

Hi all, it’s nice to be back.


The last eight weeks have been quite strange as we have had the builders here, converting our back room and kitchen into a kitchen diner.  It is nearly finished now, apart from a few little bits and I am hoping to show you some photographs on Monday.  I have just started the process of bringing all my pots, pans and baking equipment downstairs and putting them away in their new places, but I’ll tell you all about it on Monday.  Before then, I thought I would share something with you that happened to me at the end of last month:


Just after I wrote my blog on the 18th October, I went to see my doctor as I had been suffering with stomach pains for a week, which in the end turned out to be IBS.  However, while I was there the doctor examined me and found a lump around my ovaries and she sent me for blood tests and a scan to establish what it was, especially as my grandmother (on my mother’s side) had ovarian cancer when she was younger than me.

Thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious and was thought to be due to damage caused by child birth, as I had a rough time when I gave birth to my eldest daughter.  My blood tests also came back fine and my stomach pains disappeared soon afterwards.  I have got to say though, while I was waiting for the scan date to come through, I felt like my world had been turned upside down and I went through a vast array of emotions.  They told me at my scan that it definitely wasn’t ovarian cancer and I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear this.


While I was waiting for my scan and feeling quite low and poorly with my stomach, I sat and wrote a list of the things I love to cheer myself up.  It wasn’t until after my scan that I went back to my list and read it again and found that none of the items on my list were material things.  I wondered if any of you out there reading my blog, could identify with some of the things I wrote on my list, so I thought I would share it with you:


Things I love:

Holidays with my family – Cheap but wonderful

The dawn chorus

My girls laughing

The leaves falling off the trees in autumn

The smell of newly cut grass

A lawn when the edges have been cut

The seaside


The wind blowing in my face

The excitement leading up to Christmas and Christmas day

The thrill of seeing a seed I’ve sown germinate

Flowers that look beautiful and attract insects too

Hanging washing on my washing line and watching it blow in the wind.


A clean house

Getting into bed after a bath, with a clean nighty and clean sheets.

The feeling of satisfaction I get when I cook a meal from scratch using vegetables that I have grown.

The feeling of satisfaction I get when I pass on the skills that I have learnt by writing a blog post.

The nice warm feeling I get when my daughters friends come for tea.

The smell of a Christmas cake cooking.



Things I am so grateful for in my lifetime:

To have been able to stay at home with my daughters and see them grow


Meeting my husband.


SAM_7097 SAM_7091


I would really like to hear about some of the things you love, that cost little or no money, but make you happy.  Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back on Monday at my usual time.


26 thoughts on “The Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Just read your entry and am glad your tests were encouraging. Sometimes it does take a scare to show us
    what really matters. I agree with your choices and add
    one of our own. The joy of being healthy enough to be
    able to help with the care of our first great-grandchild. Just
    returned from a walk with him and shared his excitement
    of seeing the first ice on the pond and finding a turkey
    feather. All free yet priceless. Cheers, Marion

  2. Glad all is well. It is frightening when things happen like that. Usually out of the blue.
    Agree with your list. Like Marion, we have not a great grand child, but a first grand child. They live too far away to see every week, but the joy of when we do. Also my Dear Mum who is of course a great gran looks forward to the trips we make very much.
    Best wishes

  3. Thank you for sharing that with us all. I always look forward to reading your blog. You sound like a really lovely, unselfish caring person and I’m sorry you’ve had such an awful experience lately but so glad all is well. It’s true, we really don’t need many material things in life – all we need is love and health and we have happiness. Thank you so much.

    • Hi ken and celia, thank you for your lovely comment, it’s really nice to hear from you. I’ve got to admit it was a frightening experience but I’ve learnt alot from it and I think it’s good for me to see something positive come out of the experience.

  4. The thing that makes me happiest is having the people I love with me. It makes me feel safe. I have lost most of my family now so this it is really important for me to hang on to those I have left!

    I’m really glad things turned out well for you – I can imagine how frightening waiting was. My husband went through a similar thing quite some years ago now and so did my sister. I don;t want anything like that to happen again.

    From other comments it seems that it’s people that make us happiest.

    • It would be a lonely life without the people we love around us wouldn’t it Sue. I also understand exactly what you mean when you say they make you feel safe. On the rare occaision my husband has to be away overnight with his work, I absolutely hate it as I feel like my left arm is missing. It just feels so strange.

  5. I would add my pleasure, pausing with all my friends at the allotment to share a cuppa and have a gossip. They all teach me so much.

  6. Lots of non material things make me happy Lisa-my wonderful girls and husband along with some of the things you mention. I love washing blowing, autumn crispy days, giving my daughters a hug when I haven’t seen them for a while, a good cup of freshly brewed coffee on a bright sunday morning, listening to the rain when I am tucked up in bed. But I also cherish my sisters and am proud of all of them. Each one is special in their own way and can laugh with me about our shared childhood-Helen is funny and clever, Anne homely and comforting to be with and Lisa ,(I.e you!), are just mother earth. Isn’t life and family just wonderful?

    • I agree Jane. Family is very important to me which is why I love sharing our trips out and family gatherings on here. It did make me laugh though when you said I am like mother earth…heavens knows who I inherited that from? I agree about my sisters….and you Jane are clever, funny and comforting to be with and one very important thing about you is that you are always, always first to be there for us when we need you. Thank you for that.

      • Well it certainly wasn’t me that inherited the green fingers hah hah!! (You must have got my share!)

  7. I am so glad that your tests were negative, the same thing happened to me but i found a lump in my breast when i was pregnant with my second child, gosh what a worry, but all was well. It does make you look at life more closely and realise your blessings, my “happiness” list would be like yours, but i would add drawing and painting.

  8. I am so glad you have got this sorted and received some positive news x well done for facing it head on.

    As you know I have ms – I’ve got to say reading your blog always lifts my spirits. When it’s a stuck in bed day I read what you’ve been up to and it acts as a real tonic. So please keep up the good work.

    Take care of yourself and give your mind time to catch up with everything that’s happened with some long walks x

    • What a lovely comment Vickie and ‘facing it head on’ is what you seem to do with your MS too. I’m really glad my blog lifts your spirits, it’s lovely to know this and gives me the incentive to carry on blogging. Thank you

  9. What a lovely post and I am so glad you’re fit and well. I love the joy of discovering something new. My latest new thing is Yoga and I am addicted. We practise Gratitude during our Time on the Mat and it never fails to make me feel so humbled by the non material things that I am so very lucky to have. Watching my children grow up is top of the list, sharing time with hubbie and my garden are the top 3 for me 🙂

  10. So glad to hear that you are well. That must have been very scary for you. It’s so nice to see your list of favorite things and how none of them are material things. I love rain and always have. No one understands this! They think I’m nuts. I pick up my grandsons (twins) from school every day and I love seeing how happy and healthy they are. I feel so lucky. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for your wonderful blog.

  11. My tummy was flip flopping while I was reading!! I’m sooo relieved to know you are okay!! (yes, the statement merits two exclamation points)
    Your list is perfect. I can agree with every one of them.
    Let me see, what makes me happy right now? Umm, so many…what is the most recent happy thing…oh! I know! Two things that have happened in the last ten minutes! First, I found my calendula flower oil that I thought I had lost in the cupboard ( I am doing the flower and olive oil thing, and its supposed to be kept in the dark and shaken every day, and I lost it the first day!!!) Fortunatly it looks and smells great so the fact that it hasn’t been shaken once in the past two weeks hasn’t hurt it, lol!
    The second one is that I have just found a recipe for making olive leaf extract that I can do, and I can’t wait to try it! (its just one part olive leaves to three parts Vodca, it doesn;t say if its to be stored in the sun or the dark…I shall have to look it up…but I have to remember to shake it every day for four weeks).
    Oh! Oh! And another one is I made Monte Carlo Biscuits this afternoon for the very first time, and everyone LOVES them 😀 😀

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