My Pumpkin Weight And A kitchen Update

This week at my allotment I have been planning next years strawberries.

I have been separating the runners from their parent plants and transplanting them into my new patch:


There is nothing like the taste of the first strawberry of the year and I am already dreaming of it.



I have also collected in my butternut squashes and put them into my greenhouse.  I will leave my squashes in there until it gets too cold for them and then they will be transferred to my usual ‘romantic’ position in our bedroom (as this is the coolest room in our house).

Unfortunately, at the moment my greenhouse is quite full as it has my dining chairs in due to our building work, so I have had to work around them:



Pumpkin Competition


So now it’s the moment you have all been waiting for……the total weight of my pumpkin is…….

(drumroll please)

SAM_7484 SAM_7507

My '2013' pumpkin

My ‘2013’ pumpkin

My 2013 pumpkin weighed 5 stones and 8 lbs, which is 78 lbs altogether!

So the winner of my ‘guess the pumpkin weight competition’ is Mrs Yub, who guessed 81.5 lbs

Well done Mrs Yub!

I am very pleased as it has finally beaten my own pumpkin record of 76lbs in 2006.



Today, I thought I would give you an update on how our kitchen is going.  The following three photo’s show my kitchen and back room after we had emptied them the day before our builders started:

SAM_7392 SAM_7393


The builders have been here for three weeks now and below shows the progress they have made.

By the end of week one:

The kitchen was removed, the ceiling removed, the wall between the kitchen and dining room had been knocked down, the chimney breast had been removed, two steel supports had been inserted and the pantry, back door and back room door had been bricked up.

SAM_7453 SAM_7462 SAM_7498

By the end of week two:

The electrics have been put in, the plumber has been working on the gas and water and the building inspector has been round to examine the work.

The new door to my pantry

The new door to my pantry

By the end of week three:

The French doors were put in this week and the walls were plastered.  It is actually beginning to feel like a room again, instead of a building site.

SAM_7503 SAM_7505


I am so looking forward to the builders finishing as I am really missing my home now.  I am fed up of cooking without a cooker and washing up with a bowl on the floor.  I have learnt how washing your clothes at the laundrette is expensive (£2.60 a load) and i’m not sure how people manage without a washing machine?… but all these little things will be a small price to pay when it’s finished.

Homegrown flowers

Homegrown flowers

Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back on Monday at my usual time.

Have a good weekend.

16 thoughts on “My Pumpkin Weight And A kitchen Update

  1. Look at all those butternuts! And the size of the pumpkins too!!! Wow, I’m such a baby veg gardener, only half a dozen butternuts and three pumpkins, AND they’re still unripe! Boo ;-D

    • Hi Sue, yes it has been very dusty at times but I’m hoping we are over the worst now. Next week they are painting and then they will start to fit the kitchen….i’m really excited now!

      Yes, i’m just building up a new bed. My other bed is four years old now so I don’t think they will last much longer, though I will give them another year lol

  2. All the work will be worth it in the end. When I was pregnant with my son we were doing the same, ripping everything out and I had to wash the dishes in the bath but couldn’t reach due to my bump! Now I have a lovely big kitchen – and so will you soon in time for Christmas too!

  3. Yay! I won! Howzat! Hehehehe, this is a first for me 😀
    Wow! Look at your kitchen! It looks so big! What colour are you going to have it?
    I’m a little disappointed with my strawberries. I knew they wouldn’t do well as I transpanted them this winter gone, and was iffy about the spot, but I was still sort of hoping they would surprise me :/ Never mind. Yours look yummy!!

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