Radio Leicester And A Blog ‘Pumpkin’ Competiton

Hi all, I hope you had a good weekend.

On Saturday morning I had a visit at my allotment from Radio Leicester, it was lovely to talk about my plot.  If you would like to listen to the interview, you can find it here (approx. 1 hour 26 minutes into the show).  It was a fun morning talking about my favourite subject (my allotment) and I especially enjoyed talking about my flowers which attract beneficial insects, e.g. bees, ladybirds, lacewings, ground beatles and hoverflies.

The photo’s below show my plot at the moment:

SAM_7491 SAM_7483 SAM_7482



Last week I gave my woodland area a good weed and I removed plum tree suckers that insist on growing from the roots of the large plum tree.  I made this area into a woodland area as it is too dry and shady to grow any vegetables underneath it.

I planted bluebell and daffodil bulbs last year around the tree and they gave a lovely display in the Spring.  Back in March I also planted snowdrops ‘in the green’, so I am hoping they will give a good display for many Springs to come.  I chose to plant snowdrops as a way for me to remember my dear friend, who lost her battle with cancer in February this year.  The week she died I noticed snowdrops were flowering everywhere and as we walked out of her funeral service, the snow fell so thickly from the sky it was just beautiful to watch.  So I decided to plant snowdrops, so that every February when they flower I can stop and remember my good friend and the wonderful moments that we shared.  I don’t want to ever forget what a big part of my life she has been.

'Forget-me-nots' that have self seeded

‘Forget-me-nots’ that have self seeded

I have also been replanting some self seeded ‘forget-me-not’ plants, which also seemed fitting for the area.

Below are my before and after photographs:

January 2012 when I took my fourth plot

January 2012 when I took on my fourth plot

My woodland area now

My woodland area now


Last week I have put a couple more ‘bug homes’ around my plots.  You can buy bug boxes but I prefer to make mine for free.  I just cut up a few old canes using a saw and tie them to a piece of wood in the ground.

The bug homes recreate the natural nooks and crannies that insects like to hide in over the winter.

SAM_7479 SAM_7480


I also gave my brassicas a good tidy last week.  I removed any yellowing leaves which can harbour pests and diseases and tied my brussels to the supports that I put into the ground when I first planted them.  This will stop them from rocking in the wind over the winter, as this can loosen their roots from the soil which can be another reason for ‘blown’ sprouts (sprouts that have developed loosely).


I noticed my cabbages have a few slug holes in the outside leaves, but I’m sure this won’t be problem as so far the inside of the cabbages are fine:



I thought I would remind you to be careful of frosts this week if your pumpkins and squashes are still outside like mine.  Bring them inside or cover them up if a frost is forecast.

Below is a photo of my pumpkin this year.  I put my wrist watch on it so you could see its size, as I am quite proud of it.  I am hoping I will beat my personal record of 76 lbs, which is nothing compared to last year’s new world record weight of 2009 lbs, grown by a gentleman called Ron Wallace.

My '2013' pumpkin

My ‘2013’ pumpkin

I thought it would be a bit of fun to have a ‘guess the weight of my pumpkin competition, just for fun (no prizes).

I don’t even know the weight of it yet, as it’s still sitting on my plot.  So even if you don’t normally comment on my blog, please have a go and leave your guess in the comments below and I’ll reveal the weight when I bring it home.

Last years pumpkin that was just under 54 lbs

Last years pumpkin that weighed just under 54 lbs


Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back on Friday at my usual time.

22 thoughts on “Radio Leicester And A Blog ‘Pumpkin’ Competiton

  1. 64lb!
    I think your pumpkin vs my pumpkin shows a bit of a north south divide! Whilst we’ve had a great summer up here in northumberland my pumpkins are much smaller and are far from ripe! The question is…do I leave them outside and chance the frost or harvest them soon in the hope they’ll ripen indoors?

  2. I have absolutely no idea of what weight to suggest – Maybe I’ll comment about it later. You photos are lovely. We are bust tidying up at the moment too.

    So was the radio interview live – we have had the radio car a couple of times and it was really weird listening to the show on headphones before it was our ‘turn’

    • Yes it was live. I didn’t wear headphones but Julie from Radio Leicester was, so it was hard to know if she was talking to me or Tony in the studio lol.

      Guess the weight of the pumpkin is only a bit of fun, as there really isn’t any way of knowing from a photo

  3. Your allotment looks beautiful, you have worked so hard on the woodland area, what a transformation. What a great idea to guess the pumpkin weight im going with 45lbs.

  4. I have two pumpkins on my allotment (our first year). If I cut them now will they last ok till Halloween? I’m going to guess a weight of 58 for yours (not a clue!!). Thanks for your advice.

  5. So 76 lbs is what…nearly 35 kilo’s… so I guess 37 kilo’s!
    I love listening to you, you are so full of energy! And so Happy! Since most of our TV at the moment have either an American accent or an Aussie accent, listening to you is a lovely change, too 🙂
    lol! ‘That’s a pain in the bu-uttocks, that is!’ lol!
    Runner up for best allotment, eh? Well, I would have told them that yours was THE best!!
    Haha, you do the diy yourself? I have all the ideas, but Michael puts it all together. The bunk beds were my idea….so is the lay out of the garden…
    Hahaha! a good conversation about hanging trousers there! I usually hang mine by the waist, then turn them around when the cuffs are dry, or if I’m stretched for space I hang them upside down by one leg! (If you were wondering, hehehe)
    I have been out in the garden too, today and yesterday. The Spring growth has been making itself apparent inbetween rainfalls, and so its been mostly mowing 😛 😛 We are visiting Mum and Dad in a couple of days, for about three nights, and I’ll bring home a couple of guinea pigs, because Mum uses them as lawn mowers , so I want to do that as well.
    Your garden’s are looking delightful! It must smell heavenly.

    • Mrs Yub, you are always so full of praise and make me feel wonderful. I alaways have a laugh when i’m on the local radio, but I’ve got to say I didn’t know what to expect this time as it’s the first time they have visited my plot lol….did you hear my dad singing at the end, the poor man wasn’t expecting that at all.

      I love the idea of guinea pigs mowing the lawn for you lol, let me know if it works….if it does you could start a world wide trend lol

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