What Do You Do With Hundreds Of Courgettes?

I always look forward to the first courgette of the year as it means summer really is here.  I get excited watching it grow, waiting for the day I can pick it:

SAM_2741 SAM_2742

When I do pick it, I nearly always use it in a lovely courgette, onion and cheese omelette and we always comment on how lovely it is to have the courgettes at last, as it seems such a long time since we last picked them the year before.


The first couple of weeks are like a ‘courgette honeymoon’, as it’s so lovely to use them in our summer meals.

Every day I check for more courgettes on my plants and the plants keep producing them.  They just keep coming…


…and coming…


…and coming…


…and coming!

In fact by mid-summer they seem to be laughing at me and ‘popping out’ overnight from where they have been hiding and every basket of goodies havested at the allotment has a least a couple of courgettes in:

SAM_7119 SAM_7097 SAM_3398 SAM_3968 SAM_2763


So what on earth can you do with all the courgettes that you pick?


I have read quite a few articles in books and magazines on this subject, but half the recipes I’ve read are not really realistic for everyday meals, or are really time consuming recipes (and I haven’t got too much time to cook the courgettes as I’m too busy picking them).

So I thought I would talk about what I do with the millions of courgettes that I grow:-


I use courgettes in everyday meals like pasta bolognaise, curries and chilli’s…

Pasta Bolognaise

Pasta Bolognaise


I also use them in pies like my Chicken, Courgette and Broccoli Pie.  You can find the recipe here.

Chicken, Courgette and Broccoli Pie

Chicken, Courgette and Broccoli Pie


Courgette Frittata’s are nice too.  The recipe is here.

Courgette Frittata

Courgette Frittata


I also add them in the Pasta / Pizza Sauce recipe I make.  After it is cooked I whizz the sauce up with my stick blender and no one ever knows and then I use my sauce as normal.  You can find my pasta / pizza sauce recipe here.



Courgette chutney is one of my favourite chutneys.  I use this recipe, but replace the scallopini’s (patty pans) with courgettes.  It keeps for ages and is lovely served with cold meats and on sandwiches.

Courgette Chutney

Courgette Chutney


I also use courgettes to make savoury scones.  Cheese and courgette scones are absolutely delicious and can be frozen ready to pop into lunch boxes in the morning, before work and school.  The recipe for cheese and courgette scones is here.

Cheese and Courgette Scones

Cheese and Courgette Scones


One of the favourite things I make with courgettes is a Chocolate Courgette Tray Bake Cake.  No one ever knows the cake has courgettes in and this way the kids get a few extra vitamins, without realising it.  The recipe is here.

Chocolate Courgette Tray Bake Cake

Chocolate Courgette Tray Bake Cake


One other thing I do with my courgettes is to freeze them.  I have a bag of sliced courgettes and diced courgettes which I open freeze on trays before bagging up, so they don’t stick together.  I never blanch my courgettes first and they always seem to be ok for use over the winter.

I also bag up grated courgettes in the exact quantities ready to make the courgette cheese scones.  This way I can just take a bag out of the freezer the night before, to defrost ready to make the scones.

Courgettes sliced and diced ready for freezing

Courgettes sliced and diced ready for freezing


Finally, I use the courgettes in different soups.  A particularly nice soup is a Courgette, Potato and Cheese soup.  The recipe is below:


Courgette, Potato And Cheese Soup


500g potatoes, peeled and chopped into small pieces

1 pint of vegetable stock

1 kg of courgettes, washed and chopped into small pieces

1 bunch of spring onions, washed and sliced small

100g grated cheese

Salt and pepper

Ground nutmeg to serve.


Put the potatoes into a large pan, cover with the vegetable stock and bring it to the boil.  Simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the courgettes and simmer for a further 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

SAM_7104 SAM_7105

Put a few spring onions aside to garnish the soup when you serve it.  Put the remaining spring onions in the pan and simmer for a further 5 minutes.

SAM_7103 SAM_7106

Add the cheese, stirring it until it has melted.


Take the pan off the heat and use a stick blender or liquidiser to smooth the soup.

SAM_7108 SAM_7110

Return the pan to the heat and bring back to the boil, adding salt and pepper as required.

Serve the soup with a sprinkling of ground nutmeg and garnish with the remaining spring onions.



I hope you enjoyed my blog today.  If you do anything different with your courgettes, it would be lovely to hear from you, so please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

I’ll be back on Friday at 4pm.

Have a good week.

38 thoughts on “What Do You Do With Hundreds Of Courgettes?

  1. Lovely post I have missed mine this season as we thought we were going to be moving but can not wait to have them next season your recipes sound nice you can also make crisp out of them just shallow fry or deep fry in batter I like doing the flowers like that too have a good week

  2. I like all of your options – around here, we slice them lengthwise and grill them with olive oil, S&P, make tomato sauce with them added in, add them to pastas and stirfries, and I even shred them and add them in to large batches of ground beef (with onion, garlic and shredded carrots), then bag them in dinner size portions and freeze it to use for quick dinners like pasta sauce, tacos, etc. during our hockey season when we need to get back out of the house quickly.

  3. This year, my courgettes have not been so good. I have a long growing season here in BC so, I have planted a second set to see if that helps. Normally we would be drowning in them by now. It doesn’t really feel like summer without a thousand courgettes! If I have loads, then I have taken to drying a lot of them, they take up hardly any room to store one dry and are good for crumbling into any stew or soup like meal.

  4. I’ve just rre-established the link on the sidebar of my blog to courgette recipes I have collected too. And we had a courgette and others stuff frittata at the weekend. I added mushrooms, red pepper and bacon to mine.

  5. This is a wonderful post with some great recipes. We put such effort into growing our veggies that it is such a shame to waste any when we have a glut, even after giving them away to friends and family. I will keep this post because we’ll be in the same situation in Brisbane in a few months. Many thanks.

  6. Gosh what alot of brilliant ideas to use up courgettes, i hadnt tried freezing them so will have a go at that, thank you.

  7. I also make a lot of puréed soup and chocolate cake with grated zucchini. But my other favorites: preserve it in a BBQ relish, zucchini pie (savory, egg based, crust-free quiche), pickled zucchini, zucchini quesadilla, zucchini tacos. I think you can put them in anything! (like your neighbor’s mailbox)

  8. Thank you very much for all the courgette recipes, mine have sneakily turned into marrows and I’m struggling to make full use of their bulk. I’m thinking of making chutney to tide us through the winter months.

  9. Lots of fab ideas here! Like you, we do a mixture of things with the glut. This year I’m trying something new: wine. 3kg is enough for 6 bottles, and I bought the equipment half price at wilko so if it turns out ok I’ve recouped my investment. Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Jessica, it’s lovely to hear from you. What a fab idea, courgette wine. I bought a starter kit from Wilkinsons in the sale after christmas and made my first wine with a view to trying out different wines in the future. I would love to hear how you get on with it and what it tastes like. Please let me know.

      • Will do! It’ll be a few months yet… My colleague has a book called Booze for Free and I got the recipe from there – I plan on trying a few as & when that fruit/veg comes into season.

  10. BBC Good Food had a recipe for courgette crumble that I use all the time. I think the original recipe was for a starter done in ramikins. I just scale it up and serve it as a main course and occasionally as a veg.
    Good luck

  11. I just stumbled on this when searching for more ideas for what to do with courgettes. I only planted two on the allotment this year – but already the tyrany is starting. They peak out, teasing from under the leaves. They mount up on the bench in the kitchen accusing me. Sometimes I fear to pick any more to bring home – but then they just threaten me with turning into a marrow! Soon my neighbours will be hiding behind the curtains in case I happen to see them and force another bag of courgettes on them.

      • Funnily enough it was the courgette scones which drew me here. We had a friend visiting from Amsterdam this afternoon. We fed him courgette and parmesan soup for lunch with home made sourdough bread. Then as the afternoon went on I thought it would be lovely to give him scones with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream. My plan to be lazy backfired when the corner shop didn’t have any scones, so I had to get off my backside and make some. Of course this only takes a few minutes. After he left I remembered that I’d once had a pumpkin scones recipe, and with a flash of inspiration I typed “courgette” and “scone recipe” into Google. I’ve since had a very pleasant hour or so reading various bits of your lovely and inspirational blog.

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