The Harvest Begins And I’m Still Planting

We have had some beautiful weather this week (up until today) and it’s been a pleasure to work at my allotment.

I am still harvesting my strawberries and they taste delicious:


I have also harvested the last broadbeans in my polytunnel:


My outdoor broadbeans are just about ready to pick now too.


My daughter came with me this week to pick the strawberries (and eat them).  I also caught her picking and eating my mangetout when she thought I wasn’t looking, which made me laugh.  It’s a good job she did though, as I hadn’t realised they were ready:

SAM_6728 SAM_6712


I finally finished planting my last set of peas and mangetout this week.  I have tried really hard to successionally grow my peas and mangetout, so they aren’t all ready to eat at the same time.  So far it seems to be working.

SAM_6711 SAM_6710

A little bit later I found my daughter under one of my D-I-Y fruit cages (made out of canes and bottles).  She really makes me laugh as she thought I wouldn’t notice that she was pinching my gooseberrys.  I used to love eating raw gooseberrys when I was her age, but now I can only eat them when they are cooked and sweetened.



I have been planting some more lettuces this week, in the hope that we don’t run out.  I try and sow seeds every three or four weeks and plant them out when they are ready.

I am struggling with space now at my allotment, so I planted some next to the peas I planted this week and some in between my courgettes and patty pans.  Hopefully I will harvest them before they run out of room.  The ‘posh’ word for this is ‘intercropping‘.



I have also planted some more cauliflowers under environmesh.  After planting I did my usual ‘cauliflower stomp’ to firm the soil around them, to stop them from ‘blowing’:


I had some small kohl rabi’s to plant, but as I was short of space, I have planted them in between my cucmbers in my polytunnel:



As usual I have hoed all around my plot.  I find if I hoe everywhere once a week on a dry day, it keeps the weeds down a treat.



This week I checked out the flowers in my wildflower area and they are starting to attract lots of bees and insects.  Already there is the sound of ‘buzzing’ when you stop and listen.  It isn’t yet in full flower and there are still lots of smaller plants still to put on growth:




The flowers all around my plot are starting to open now that we have had a bit of sun:

SAM_6734 SAM_6733 SAM_6715 SAM_6717

It makes me feel glad to be alive!

Thank you for reading my blog today.  I will be back on Monday at approximately 4pm.

14 thoughts on “The Harvest Begins And I’m Still Planting

  1. Hello up there.. down in the Chiswick / Kew area, we are back in the dark ages with no sun.. grey skies, please send us a few rays!
    Everything is growing well and all of the fruit bushes and trees are showing signs that it is going to be a ‘bumper’ year but sun and warmth are what I need.. there are lots and lots of delicious things to eat, the asparagus has been beyond wonderful.. and the taste of a fresh onion.. yumyum! So too with the garlic.. looks great, I could not resist pulling a big fat one.. huge cloves and such a treat. Aren’t we lucky..

    • It was nice here until this morning and it’s rained all day lol, but the soil was getting a bit dry so it will do it good. It’s lovely to harvest our spring / summer crops at last isn’t it. It’s times like this that I really can’t understand why everyone doesn’t grow at least some of their own veg, as there really is nothing like the taste of it.

  2. Your allotment looks great, i hoe every time i go up to the allotment it saves so much work, our strawberries are still green, but it is so dull here we need the sun.

    • Hi Sue, you are so right to hoe as often as you can. I am asked over and over again how I keep the weeds down and I tell them I hoe everywhere once a week on a dry day. I really can’t understand why people don’t do this, as like you say, it saves so much time in the long run.

  3. Hi,I still can’t believe how busy you are on those allotments.Ive picked frilly lettuce today to go in my sandwich and a few purple mangetout ,that’s all that were ready !( variety called shiraz) to go in a stir fry tomorrow.Yesterday I picked herbs (parsley & chives) for my garlic bread.What a buzz picking your own stuff,so fresh and satisfying! Your wildflower patch is coming on a treat. My back garden is mainly scented flowers ,philadelphus,roses-margaret Merrill is amazingly fragrant,lavender just starting to colour,sweet peas,had my lunch sitting amongst it all at the bottom of the garden on my recliner..I agree with you.. makes you glad to be alive !

    • Hi Carriet, it’s so fantastic picking lettuce to use fresh in your sandwich. You seem to be picking alot to me, especially as you say, that your garden is small. It seems to me you are doing great.
      Your philadelphus sounds brill, what a lovely scent you must smell when you walk past it. I have a lavender hedge at the side of each of my paths at the allotment and they are nearly in flower. When it does flower it is so beautiful and the smell is great when you push past it. Have you tried Lavender Cakes? There is a recipe here: They are nice and something different, though it seems to be more of an adult taste as my kids didn’t like them lol.

    • Thanks Jean, it is lovely when you start to harvest things isn’t. I especially like to be able to fill my freezers full of lovely fruit and veg ready for the winter when there isn’t much about too.

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