A Good Website And My Seed Sowing Calender

Before I start today, I thought you may be interested in a website that my good friend ‘Jeff’ has set up with Catherine.  It is called “Crafts for a sustainable future” and it is fantastic.  This is what it says about it:

“Crafts for a sustainable future is a small business using willow weaving and green-woodworking, local and UK-farmed materials to promote a more sustainable future. We demonstrate and teach the crafts, make useful and decorative products and encourage bio-diversity and good habitat management. We work from two bases in Leicester and Cambridge”.

I love all the information on this website and the page about ‘foraging’ reminded me of when Jeff and Catherine took me around our local park.  I was absolutely astounded by the things that grow wild that we can eat, especially beacuse I had walked past them many times without realising that they were edible.  It was such an enjoyable evening that I won’t forget, so thank you Jeff and Catherine.

You can find their website here.



It’s been another busy weekend.

I did my usual batch baking yesterday and made fruit scones for my daughter’s lunchbox:

Picture 015

I buttered them and put them in the freezer on a tray, until they were frozen.  I then transferred them into a freezer bag, ready for the week ahead.  It’s easy to pop a frozen scone into my daughter’s lunch box each morning and it’s defrosted by lunchtime.

You can find the recipe here.

My first wallflowers this year in bloom

My first wallflowers this year in bloom


This weekend I syphoned my first homemade wine into bottles.  I paid £10 in the Christmas sales for a starter kit and I then purchased six wine bottles and some re-usable corks, which came to £6.  I managed to get 5½ bottles of wine out of it, so this worked out at £2.90 per bottle, which I thought was pretty cheap.


We thought we would try the half bottle of wine straight away and I’ve got to say it was really nice.  So I definately will be making some more.


My daughter came to my allotment yesterday with me and she noticed there was some frog spawn in the pond.  It seems to be late this year, I assume it is due to the cold spring weather.


I love frogs as they eat lots of snails.  I was lucky to catch the following photograph last year, which shows a frog eyeing up it’s dinner:



Seeds I have already sown this year:

I thought it may be interesting for people to see what vegetables I have sown so far this year.  I try to pick crops that we like to eat and I like to grow.  I also like to try a different fruit or vegetable each year, this year I am trying to grow melons in my polytunnel.

I occaisionally buy special varieties that I think are particularly good to grow, but usually my choice is dictated by the seeds I manage to buy in the sales at the end of the year.


I start most of my seeds in pots on my windowsill at home, or my heated greenhouse, or my plastic ‘mini’ greenhouse that has no heat.

I love to grow my crops from seed, as it gives me an enormous sense of acheivement and self satisfaction, especially when I serve my vegetables at meal times.



So here is a list of what I have sown so far:


Crop Variety Date sown
Broad beans Aquadulce 09-Jan
onions Bedfordshire champion 09-Jan
Basil Sweet genovese 09-Jan
Coriander For leaf 09-Jan
Leeks Musselburgh 09-Jan
Peppers California wonder 09-Jan
Celeriac Brilliant 25-Feb
Lettuce Webbs wonderful 25-Feb
shallots 06-Feb
Cauliflower All year round 25-Feb
Cabbage Robinson champion 25-Feb
Brussells Igor 07-Mar
Red Cabbage –  Summer Kalibos 07-Mar
Cucumber-greenhouse Euphya 07-Mar
Pea (Dwarf) Meteor 07-Mar
Coriander For leaf 07-Mar
Tomato-greenhouse Wladeks / Moneymaker 26-Feb
Basil Sweet genovese 07-Mar
Cape Gooseberry (variety not known) 07-Mar
Onion sets Turbo 27-Mar
Spring onions White lisbon 17-Mar
Indian spicy cress (variety not known) 17-Mar
Lettuce Webbs wonderful 17-Mar
Cauliflower All year round 17-Mar
Potatoes Marfona 09-Apr
Potatoes Picasso / Desiree 20-Apr
carrots (variety not known) 09-Apr
Tomato Outdoor girl 05-Apr
Parsnips Gladiator 05-Apr
Beetroot Boltardy 05-Apr
Spring onions Shimonita 17-Apr
Spring Brocoli 05-Apr
Khol Rabi Azure star 05-Apr
Pea (Climbing) Pea shooter 06-Apr
Pea (Dwarf) Mixed – saved seed 06-Apr
Mangetout 06-Apr
Basil Sweet genovese 05-Apr
Coriander For leaf 05-Apr
Radish Sparkler3 09-Apr
Swede Ruby 17-Apr
Butternut Squash Hunter 17-Apr
Turnips Purple top milan 18-Apr
lettuce Webbs wonderful 17-Apr
Pumpkin Hundred weight 17-Apr
Patty Pans Sunburst squash 17-Apr
Courgettes Black beauty 17-Apr
Pea (Dwarf) Onward 18-Apr
Mixed salad leaves 18-Apr
Melon Outdoor wonder 18-Apr
Cauliflower All year round 18-Apr
Perpetual spinach 17-Apr
Gherkins Diamant 18-Apr




I will put this information on a ‘page’ at the top of my blog, in the next week,  so it doesn’t get ‘lost’ in the many blog posts I write.  I will also include a list of the seeds I have planned to sow over the next few months too.

Hopefully this will help anyone that is unsure of what they want to grow and when to grow it.



Thank you for reading my blog today.

18 thoughts on “A Good Website And My Seed Sowing Calender

  1. That frog doesn’t look very pleased which is strange as usually they naturally look as though they are smiling!

    I’m afraid our wallflowers didn’t amount to much – I bought bare rooted plants but plan to grow my own from seed next year..

    • Hi Sue, he doesn’t look happy does he, I’ve never noticed that. I grow my wallflowers from seed because it’s cheaper lol, but I do seem to get good results. I usually grow my Sweet william from seed too, but last year I had a hiccup and completely forgot to sow them (I’m not sure how I missed them), so I’ll be very sad not to see any this year on my allotment. Do you grow Sweet William on your plots?

  2. Wow your list puts mine to shame, but i am sure as the years go by i will add more and more to it, as i dig up more of the land as well. I am keeping a book to note down sowing as sucesses or failures, i have noted for 15 + years and it is interesting to see what worked and didnt on soil here, the land is more sandy and dries out more readily, although a few decades back it was used for market gardening so there is hope that once fed it will spring back to life.

    • Hi Sue, I grow alot as I have four allotments and a polytunnel to fill, so please don’t think it puts your list to shame. I just thought it may help people to see what can be grown easily. The soil here is very different to yours, our is a heavy clay soil, which I actually think is easier to deal with than a sandy soil as clay holds the nutrients and moisture far better than a sandy soil does…but us gardeners just get on with it and learn how to deal with different situations. I would love to hear how you deal with your sandy soil.

      • I do grow sweet William but to our shame last year’s lot are still languishing in the cold frame as we never managed to get them planted! I may still pop them in and see what happens.. As for wallflowers we only bught a few plants in the past as we never got round to sowing the seeds – hopefully this year we will!

      • The sandy soil need lots of manure/compost, it dries out quickily, and bakes hard in the sunshine, but warms up quickily and doesnt get watterlogged.

      • Garden soils are fantastic aren’t they, the different soils all have their own advantages and drawbacks. This would be a good subject to blog about, thank you Sue, I’ll give it some thought.

  3. I think my tomato seedlings (outdoor girl) may have been stunted by the cold weather so I’m going to germinate a few more. Good idea for the scones! I’ll have to check out the crafts website. Your seedlings look lovely and healthy!

    • Thanks Hannah, but I’m lucky as I have a heater in my greenhouse so it’s easier to keep the cold away from them. I love outdoor girl tomatoes as they fruit earlier, so I usually get a good crop before ‘blight’ hits.

  4. So much to look at in this blog! Firstly: OOOHHH FROGS! You are so lucky!! We have crickets, but it is not the same.
    Second: I WANNA SCONE!! Its the only thing I have never tried cooking, but I’m not sure why….
    Third: Love the list. Love lists. Have to come back and read it again 😉

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