A Frittata Recipe With ‘Leftover Vegetables’ And A Week Of Allotment Work

It has been a very busy gardening week at my allotment.

I started by feeding my fruit bushes and trees with ’sulphate of potash’, which is a good feed for fruit and flowers.  I sprinkled it around the plants and forked it into the soil and then I gave them all a layer of my own allotment made compost:

SAM_5855 - Copy SAM_5856 - Copy

I also planted broad beans at my allotment.   I sowed the beans in December and they had sat quite comfortably in toilet rolls, in my cold greenhouse at home.  I raked some blood, fish and bone fertiliser into the soil before I planted them  (it is better to rake this into the soil two weeks before planting, but I was a bit late doing this).  I planted two double rows, each plant 20cm apart and approx. 60cm between the double rows:

SAM_5880 - Copy

Another thing I planted was the garlic I had sown in pots in my cold greenhouse over winter.  Unfortunately, I lost most of the garlic I planted directly into my allotment soil, before Christmas.  I think this was probably due to the constant wet weather we had.  I’m glad I planted the garlic in pots as a backup now:

SAM_5882 - Copy

Remember my bean trenches?  I finally finished filling the second trench with peelings etc. and I covered the trench with soil.  The runner beans will love to be planted here at the end of May, as they love deep, moist, fertile soil.

SAM_5848 - Copy SAM_5849 - Copy

I also received the snowdrops ‘in the green’ that I ordered a couple of weeks of ago and planted them in my new woodland area.  If you have read my blog recently, I ordered these so I can remember my friend who passed away last month due to a brain tumour.  Snow drops were in flower when she died and the snow fell heavily during her funeral and she would have loved how pretty it looked.  It seemed fitting to plant snow drops in my woodland area that will always remind me of her:

SAM_5853 - Copy SAM_5854 - Copy

It has been a really tiring week as I started to prepare my potato patch ready for planting next month.  I started by digging up my remaining leeks and parsnips:

SAM_5895 - Copy SAM_5890 - Copy

After this, I forked in loads of manure.  When I am moving and spreading my manure, I always wish I was a 20 year old fit male, instead of a 46 year old struggling female!  I find this job such hard work and I’m glad I’ve finished it now.

SAM_5888 - Copy

Later, I froze the parsnips by peeling them and chopping them into roughly equal sizes.  I blanched them for two minutes and then froze them on a tray before bagging them up.

By freezing the parsnips this way, I can remove the required amount of parsnips from the freezer and roast them from frozen with my roast potatoes on a Sunday lunch time.

SAM_5894 - Copy

I froze the leeks exactly the same way.  These will be used in soups, spag bogs, chilli’s etc.

You can read how to freeze vegetables here.

SAM_5852 - Copy


Today, I thought I’d share a really easy recipe with you, that I cooked this week.  It’s a good way to use up cooked vegetables that are left over from the night before and it is so filling:


Frittata with Leftover Cooked Vegetables:

8 eggs

Leftover cooked vegetables e.g. potatoes, peas, carrots, French beans

1 Courgette (I use ready sliced courgettes that I froze last summer)

1 Onion

A handful of parsley (again I use parsley that I froze last summer)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

A handful of grated cheese

Salt and pepper to taste


 Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan.

Fry the onion and courgettes over a medium heat, until soft.


Add the leftover veg and continue to fry until they are heated through.  Add the parsley.

SAM_5839 - Copy

Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and add the salt and pepper.

Pour the eggs over the vegetables and cook gently, without stirring, until the egg is approximately two thirds cooked.

SAM_5840 - Copy

Sprinkle the egg with the grated cheese and put the pan under your grill for a further few minutes until the egg is set.

SAM_5841 - Copy

Slide the frittata onto a plate.

SAM_5842 - Copy

Cut into slices and serve hot with a nice crisp home grown salad.

SAM_5845 - Copy

Thank you for reading my blog today.

I’ll be back again on Monday.

15 thoughts on “A Frittata Recipe With ‘Leftover Vegetables’ And A Week Of Allotment Work

  1. Goodness – you have had a busy time – this gardening lark is exhausting isn’t it – but like you I hate to waste the small amount of good weather we had – it’s back to gloomy old normal now. I love a fritatta as it’s a great way of using anything up – yours looks delicious.

  2. You are getting on really well, have started to dig my plot and remove more turf, rained off the last few days, but got the seed potatoes main crop desiree, and sturon onion sets, will wash down greenhouse and get all prepared, my husband is busy putting in rabbit proof fencing 100ft by 50ft plot, so will have alot to work on, over the next few years i shall get this area into full production.

    • That sounds brilliant Sue. I’m glad we don’t suffer from rabbits, it must be such a pain! I am growing desiree for the first time this year as they didn’t seem to suffer badly with slugs last year like other varieties did. I am also planting marfona and piccasso as I really like these potatoes too.

  3. Hi found your blog and love reading it. I have a question about slugs. How on earth do you keep slugs at bay? I have a big garden and want to get into growing wth my children, but using slug pellets is a no no for me as my children are all under6 (I have 5) so I need something extremely child friendly

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me I really appricate it. This look great thank you we will be buying this. Oh we also make the chocolate brownies you have posted on your blog for my boys lunch boxes. They love them and love helping me make them too. Have a lovely weekend. Best regards Leanne x

      • That’s ok, Leanne. The slug bait is a bit more expensive than ordinary slug pellets, but you only need to use a small amount at a time. Glad you liked the choclate brownies, they freeze really well too. I pop a frozen one in my daughters lunchbox each morning and it has defrosted by lunchtime.

  4. Mmmm! Frittata! NOm NOM!
    Your fruit trees remind me I’m gonna have to weed around my manderine tree. Its one of the few places in the yard I have grass!!

  5. Your frittata looks very tasty! I’m so pleased your snowdrops arrived and it’s such a lovely way to remember your friend. I would love a week at the allotment and I know I would be achey afterwards!! Just a bit of digging up there each weekend tires me out! What great exercise though hey and all the fresh air. Looks like you’ve had a really productive week : )

    • Yes Anna, the snow drops will be a good way to remember my friend.

      The weather has been so bad again and the ground will be so wet yet again. I still have lots of jobs to do but it’s so hard to get onto the ground.

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