Karate, Painting And A Bargain Ice Cream Maker

I thought I’d start by saying a big ‘Well Done’ to my two daughters, as they both passed their Karate grading this weekend and they are now proud owners of ‘Yellow Belts’.  This is the third belt they have acheived so far.  This time last year we thought my eldest daughter wouldn’t be doing Karate again, as her asthma was so bad, so we are very very proud of them.



Some of you will already know, that all of last week I was painting our hall and landing.  I finally finished painting the downstairs yesterday, though I do still have the woodwork upstairs to finish.

I am very proud of it so far.  It now looks very clean, instead of dull and grubby:



We had two sets of wall mounted coat rails on our wall before I started painting, but both of them had a couple of hooks that had broken.  I decided to take the rails off the wall and throw them away and buy another two.

   I visited B&Q and Wilkinsons to buy them, but I was surprised to find that the cheapest were £16 each!

I decided to look around and I found four new hooks, exactly the same as the ones that had broken, for just £4.96.  I then pulled the old coat rails out of the wheelie bin and gave them a good clean and Mr Thrift replaced the broken hooks with the new ones.

One of the broken hangers

One of the broken hangers

We are very pleased, as this saved us £27.04 for both rails, just by spending five minutes extra repairing them.



Over the weekend, I visited the British Heart Foundation charity shop in Leicester.

It is a wonderful shop with lots of furniture, TV’s, washing machines etc.  It was fascinating to walk round.  They have a good electrical section and I spotted an ice cream maker, which was in really good condition.  It looked as though it had hardly been used.

 Last year, I borrowed my sisters ice cream maker to try it out and it was a great success.  I have been looking for a good ice cream maker to come up on EBay for months, but the ones that I have found usually have a smaller bowl.  This one is a 1.45 litre capacity which is much better for a family.


As you can see in the picture, it is in good condition, with the original manual and it has a book to go with it.  The box is a bit battered, I suspect it was one of those appliances that ended up at the bottom of a cupboard and was hardly ever used.  But for me it will be great.

They charged me just £10 for the ice cream maker and they even gave me a six month warranty on the appliance, because it is an electrical item….I don’t think I could do better than that!

It will be so useful as I can now start to make dairy free chocolate ice cream for my youngest daughter and this should save me pounds if I can find a good recipe.  If you know a good dairy free chocolate ice cream recipe, please let me know.


I am hoping to finish my painting in the next few days, so hopefully then I can get back to normality again and catch up with things that have got behind, like my batch baking and my allotment planning.

All being well, I’ll be back on Friday evening.

Thank you for reading my blog.

6 thoughts on “Karate, Painting And A Bargain Ice Cream Maker

  1. Hello hello!! I have missed your posts, I have been off the reading radar for a while now but thankfully catching back up! I love your bargain ice cream maker! What a good find! Looks like you’re off to a flying start this new year with your painting and repairing! Well done to the two ninjas 🙂

    • I’m very proud of them Anna. I think Karate is great as it’s so disciplined and helps to build their confidence and it’s great to know that they are learning to defend themselves if they ever need to.

  2. The icecream maker was such a good bargain i have never used one. Its amazing how much you saved just by repairing the coat hooks looks as good as new and what a wonderful job you have made of the hall looks lovely.

    • Hi Sue, the hall and landing looked so grubby before, so I am really pleased with it now. I couldn’t believe the price of the coat rails, I’m sure I didn’t pay half as much as that 10 years ago when we moved in. It’s a good job I was able to find replacement hooks.

  3. Wow, your house looks awesome! Well done you! I must come over for coffee one day 😉
    Your coat rack looks better than anything you could have bought new, I reckon.
    YES! Icecream makers are the BOMB! I use mine always, instead of buying it, and I have no regrets. Have you tried it yet?

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