Seedlings, Snow and Painting

The snow has been beautiful to look at this week and it’s been so much fun for children, even though it has caused a lot of traffic disruption.


Both my daughters’ schools were closed on Monday, so it was lovely to have them around.   I took my youngest daughter sledging and I’ve got to say we had a wonderful time.  My girls also built a snow man in the garden and they had a snowball fight with their dad, so they really took advantage of the heavy snow.

On Monday, I was worried about the heavy snow affecting my polytunnel at my allotment, so I went to check it.  There really was a lot of snow on it, so I knocked it all off with my brush.  Unfortunately, it had done a bit of damage, as the plastic was beginning to pull away from the door frame.  I will have to fix this on a dry day.


My allotment visit was at 3.30pm, which was fine to get into the gate at the allotment site, but unfortunately by the time I left, the locks on both the allotment gates had frozen up as the temperature must have dropped.

I must admit I was beginning to panic a bit, having visions of being stuck all night in a cold dark allotment, but luckily someone came out of a house next to the gate so I was able to shout him.  He poured hot water over the lock and at last I was free!  I certainly won’t be going to my allotment in the snow at that time of day again!


Remember the nineteen packets of unopened seeds I put on EBay…well I managed to sell them for £8.44, plus postage.  I know it isn’t loads of money but ‘every little helps’ as Tesco says in it’s well know advert.


My seedlings are doing well on my window sill.  The coriander is looking a bit ‘leggy’, due to the low light level and the seedlings lean towards the light.  I take all of my seedlings off the window sill at night (so they don’t get too cold) and turn them around the next day, when I put them back on again.

To help with the light, I have covered some old cardboard in foil and put it at the back of all of my seedlings, this will allow the light to  reflect back onto them, to stop them leaning so much.



My leeks are coming up nicely too.  I had wanted to move them quite quickly into my cold greenhouse, but the temperatures have been so low, even in the day time, that I haven’t been able to do this yet.  This means I will have to ‘harden them off’ first (which means gradually leaving them outside for a longer period each day, so it’s not such a shock for the plants).  I will wait until the weather warms up a little in the day time.

My onions are also doing well.  I used a pinch of seed in each individual module and they have germinated.  I then ‘thinned them out’ so there is now just one onion in each module.


The onions will stay on my window sill for quite some time now.  I do have an electric greenhouse heater, but it does cost quite a lot to run, so I use my window sills until they are at bursting point.

Finally, my basil is also peeping through now, but my peppers are still in my propagator with no sign of germination.



As it has been so cold and a thick layer of snow has covered everything outside, I haven’t been able to get to my allotment to actually do anything.  So I decided it was time I did the long overdue painting job on my hallway and landing.


Over a year ago, my dad had some dated B&Q vouchers given to him (compensation from his housing association), which he knew he wouldn’t use, so he bought me some paint for my hallway.  I was really grateful to him as paint is expensive.

As my daughter had problems with her asthma for months last year, I daren’t start to paint just in case the smell from the paint upset her even more.  So that’s why it took so long to start.

I started by sanding down all the woodwork


and then I painted the ceiling with a roller.


I used a paint pad to put the paint onto the walls, which quickly coated it well.


I only needed to use one coat of paint on the walls as it is a Dulux paint which is good quality and I’m actually painting it the same colour.  I think the colour looks ‘homely’ with the good quality carpet that we inherited ten years ago, when we moved in.

I am not the best painter around, so I used masking tape to cover the woodwork while I painted the walls.


Afterwards I started on the woodwork.  In the past I have always used gloss, but it really does smell, so I’ve used a B&Q ‘Anywhere’ paint which is waterbased.  I used it in my both my daughters bedrooms and it has been fine, I so I thought I’d give it a try in the hall.


I’ve still got to finish the woodwork, but I quite enjoy doing it when I’m listening to our local radio station.  I find painting very therapeutic and it will be so rewarding when it’s finished.

The ceiling after I painted it

The ceiling after I painted it

Painting your house yourself, is far cheaper than paying for a professional to paint it.


Thank you for reading my blog today.

14 thoughts on “Seedlings, Snow and Painting

  1. The painting looks brilliant i too find painting therapeutic. You were lucky to be rescued from the allotment, glad to see your seedlings are coming along, when do you start off your tomato plants from seed?

    • I was lucky wasn’t I lol, it really scared me at the time.

      I grow two types of tomato, indoor and out doors. The out door type is called ‘Outdoor Girl’ and they are slightly smaller than normal tomatoes. I grow these as they produce fruit earlier and I usually get a good crop before ‘blight’ hits. I start these off at the beginning of April. I tend to use these to make passatta, but they are nice to eat in sandwiches, salads too.

      Last year I sowed my indoor tomatoes at the the beginning of March and they were fine, but this year i’m going to start them off a couple of weeks earlier to see if it makes a difference.

      What variety are you planning to grow this year?

      • I grew Gardeners delight and Alicante, but because of the rain and low light levels the crop was so late, i wanted to start them off earlier this year to try and get them to crop earlier, thank you for your help.

  2. Your walls look great! I myself personally hate painting, or, more to the point, I find it boring, sos I rush, then I muck up, so my husband has banned me from painting (lol!) but methinks he is impressed with your job!
    I am impressed with your seedlings! I have never been able to strike basil in winter here! I love all the wee little plants in your photo’s.
    That’s a funny story about the locks, lol, though only after the fact. I wouldn’t have been laughing in your shoes at the time! Will you be taking some hot water in a thermos or something next time you go, just in case?

  3. hello,
    the painting looks good. i like painting,too. well,it’s really much cheaper Your seedlings looking wonderful. i will start with my indoors seed next months.
    wish you a nice wekend,

  4. I’m really impressed with your seedlings especially the basil and coriander – I’ve always had trouble getting them to germinate. I’m thinking I must find a windowsill somewhere to start a few plants off.

    • Hi Tawney. My window sill a radiator directly underneath so the seeds were nice and warm in their propagators and I moved them onto the floor infront of the radiator when I pulled the curtains at night, so I think it helped.

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