A Christmas Table Wreath & Homemade Hampers

Yesterday I made a Christmas Table Wreath.


I openly admit that I’m not very good at flower arranging.  In fact, I was the only Brownie that just ‘scraped’ a flower arranging badge due to ‘Brown Owl’ stepping in and rearranging it all for me.  My arrangement was so bad.

Still, I thought it would be fun to have a go and I think it turned out really well.  This is how I made it:


My Table Wreath

I bought an oasis ring from Wilkinson last month for £3.50

I used a bit of old ribbon

Pine cones from my local park

Shrubs from the garden

(I used Viburnum tinus, conifer and bay)

Large paper clips (you can use florist’s wire)


I started by soaking the oasis ring upside down in water for about 5 minutes, until the bubbles stopped coming out of it.  I have read that you should not press the oasis ring down, as this will cause air bubbles to enter the foam, creating dry spots.


I cut the foliage in lengths of approximately 10cm and striped the leaves so there was about 4cm of stem to push into the oasis.


I layered the shrubs into the oasis by pushing the stems in at a slight angle, starting at the bottom.


I kept building the foliage up, so eventually the oasis couldn’t be seen.


I used big paper clips that I stretched out, to secure the ribbons and the pine cones to the oasis.


I have read that it is best to mist the wreath with water each day so it doesn’t dry out.


I am very proud of my table wreath.


Now I had my table wreath I decided to decorate my table, so you can see how it will look on Christmas day, with my table wreath and homemade crackers.

My tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings and plate chargers only come out at Christmas, so they still look like new each year.

My plates are our everyday ones.  I bought white, so they can easily be replaced if one breaks, without having to buy a whole new set.


Even though I do say so myself, I think our table looks lovely and I can’t wait to have our Christmas dinner with lots of my home grown vegetables and my lovely ‘Aldi’ turkey crown, which cost me just £9.


Today, I also finished wrapping the hampers that I have made for my family.

I tied a piece of tissue paper on all the jars of pickles, chutneys, jams etc and tied them with some raffia to make them look nice.


In the hampers I put the homemade preserves, homemade mini christmas cakes and bottles of wine with the bottle covers I made last week.


I added the handmade luxury dishcloths,


I then also added one or two ‘surprises’ in each hamper too.


I wrapped the hampers in cellophane (I bought a big roll, cheap from ebay, that will last me a few years).

I think they look great and I would love to receive one.


A homemade gift is from the heart and not just the bank account.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

12 thoughts on “A Christmas Table Wreath & Homemade Hampers

  1. What a wonderful wreath you have made it looks so lovely on your table, the hampers look so lovely what super gifts they all have to look forward to opening and enjoying, if i dont get the chance id like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  2. I will buy an oasis ring today and make one of these for my mum. My sister sometimes gives me a hamper and it’s always my absolute favourite gift. Hope she gives me another one this year!! Lovely presents Mrs Thrift!

  3. That wreath is really special! I want to try it out next year! AND, I love the gift baskets! I shall have to strive to be even more organized next year sos I can make up a few myself!

    • I had a great time making them and I am so proud when I hand them over…my family have said they love them as well. The baskets cost me £7 each though, but they are part of the present as they are really useful around the house. Two of my family have given the baskets back to me asking for me to fill them again next year…even better! Happy New Year.

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