Homemade Biscuits For Teachers Christmas Gifts And Small Gifts for Children

When my daughters were in Primary School, they liked to give their teachers a present at Christmas.


I didn’t like to give their teachers an ordinary shop bought box of chocolates or a ‘Teacher Mug’ as I didn’t think it was very special.  So instead my daughters made ‘Christmas Biscuits’ (with a little help from me).

We would gift wrap the biscuits nicely and they would look very special.

“As I’ve said before,  a homemade gift is a gift that is given from the heart and not just from your bank account”

We have had many times leading up to Christmas, when we have made Christmas Biscuits and as a mother, this has given me lots of lovely Christmas memories seeing them make the biscuits and hand them to their teachers with big smiles on their faces.

Just one more thing….it’s a very cheap present to make.



You can make any kind of biscuits, but I found ginger biscuits and shortbread biscuits easiest for my daughters to make.  You can find the recipes here and here.


I rolled the dough out and used Christmas pastry cutters that I bought a few years ago.  They were well worth buying as I have used them every single Christmas since.


My cutters are Angels, Holly and Stars.

After the dough is cooked I leave it to cool on a cooling tray.


When it is cold I melt some chocolate and dip some of the biscuits into it.  I then put it on a piece of greaseproof paper to set.


I bought a cheap jar from Wilikinsons (for approximately £2.00) and wrapped a nice bow around it.


We thought the jars look great and the teachers seemed to really like them.


Christmas gifts are expensive to buy for all of your children’s friends.  One thing, which is a good idea at christmas for smaller children, is to wrap a few of the biscuits up in cellophane and give them out to their friends as a Christmas present.

They look really good and expensive, when really they haven’t cost much at all.


I also cut a large star biscuit, with a smaller star cut out of it.  I popped a boiled sweet in the centre before I cooked the biscuits and this makes a beautiful star biscuit.  Again I wrapped it in cellophane and it looks great to give out to friends and again it’s cheap to make.



Thank you for reading my blog today.

10 thoughts on “Homemade Biscuits For Teachers Christmas Gifts And Small Gifts for Children

  1. I read this whilst waiting for my gingerbread people to cook! Synchronicity in action. Some of mine I will sell, some for gifts and the last rolls of the dough for home ( shhh dont tell the kids they only get the ends!).

  2. Hi, just ‘found’ your blog and have enjoyed a quick catchup. I used to make gifts for my children’s teachers when they were at school. I have always enjoyed making sweets, biscuits and cakes, and made a selection for them for Christmas. My favourite was rum truffles, packaged in boxes wrapped with christmas paper (to hide the fact that they were actually half an icing sugar box!) covered in cellephane – always looked good, were a little different and well received. Keep up the good work, I shall continue to read with interest. Alison x

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