How To Ice A Christmas Cake And How To ‘Elf’ Yourself

Last week I made my Christmas Cake and I also made some ‘Mini’ Christmas Cakes too.

Today I iced the mini Christmas cakes ready to give away as presents in my hampers.  I will be honest with you, I use ready made icing and marzipan that I bought from Tesco when they had their ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer recently.

Icing the mini Christmas cakes is exactly the same as icing my large Christmas Cake, so I thought I would share this with you:


How to Ice a Christmas cake


Firstly put a dusting of icing sugar on your work surface.

Take the marzipan out of the wrapper and knead it for a few minutes until it is nice and soft.

Roll out your marzipan until it is larger than your cake, using a rolling pin.


Put your cake on a cake board or plate. 

To ensure you have an even surface on the top of your cake, turn your cake upside down.

Spread a thin layer of jam over the top and sides of your cake.


Lift the marzipan up with your rolling pin and put it over the cake.


Using the side of your hand, push the marzipan down gently around the side of the cake, ensuring there are no ‘folds’.


When it is all even and smooth, use a knife to remove the excess marzipan.


Cover the marzipan with a thin layer of jam.


Roll out the icing in exactly the same way as the marzipan and cover the cake.


Remove the excess icing.


I cut out stars with the excess icing and stuck them on with a little bit of icing sugar mixed with water.


I used ‘silver balls’ to push into the icing on each point of the stars.

Finish by wrapping a ribbon around the cake.


Cover with cellophane to complete the look.


Occaisionally, even if you turn your cake upside down, it still isn’t straight.  When this happens I cut a liitle bit off the cake to make it straight before I ice it.

If I have any icing and marzipan left, I use this with the above bits of cake and make ‘Christmas Cake Sausage Rolls’:


‘Christmas Cake Sausage Rolls’

First I roll a rectangle with both the marzipan and icing and then I put the cake in the middle, with a little bit of jam on one side to hold it together.


Then I roll it up, starting from the edge without the jam.


Slice the roll into pieces with a knife and serve on a plate.



Elf’ Yourself

To finish of with, I though I would put a link to an ‘E-Card’ that you can have fun with.

Basically, you can upload a photograph and put your face and/or your families face on an ‘Elf’ and it will dance around.  It does look funny.  You can then email it to your friends and family.

We have had lots of fun with this ‘E-card’ and I hope you will too

You can find it here.



I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today.

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