A Free Reply To Your Kids Letter To Santa & UK Posting Dates

There are only 21 nights sleep until Christmas day.


Leading up to Christmas, I will show you how we celebrate Christmas in this house. I will write about how I prepare, plan and how we enjoy Christmas on a budget. I will also cook Christmas recipes, that not only taste nicer than the shop bought versions, but are far less expensive to make and I will write as many useful bits of information and Christmas tips that I can think of, to help you on your way.

Please remember that Christmas should not be stressful, it should be enjoyable.


On December 1st I hung up our homemade Advent Calender.  Each day my daughters have to solve a riddle before they are given a clue, which helps them to find where I’ve hidden their advent present for that day.


You can read all about our advent calender and the little gifts here.

What surprised us this weekend, is my wonderful youngest daughter made an Advent calender for mum and dad too:


She has also put a clue in each pocket, so we have to find the treasure chest that she has filled with sweets.  We can take a sweet each day.  What a lovely, thoughtful thing for her to do for us.


So now it’s the countdown to Christmas:



I refuse to let christmas be stressful and I like to plan each christmas task and make sure it is as enjoyable as possible.

You can read about how we budget for christmas presents and your consumer rights here and how to have a perfect ‘realistic’ christmas here.


So today I wrote my christmas cards.

I made myself a nice warming hot chocolate, put some lovely christmas music on and I began.


These cards are actually left over from last year.  I bought them in the 2011 New Year sales, for a fraction of the price that they were before christmas.  I store them in the same place as the birthday cards I buy.  They don’t take up much space and it saves me quite a considerable amount of money.

To save time, I have a christmas card list that I print off from my computer every year.  The list tells me exactly who I need to send christmas cards to and if I have any extra people to send cards to, I just update the list ready for the next year.  It makes writing the cards so much easier.


When I have finished writing my cards I hand deliver as many as possible as postage charges all add up.

Just before the price of stamps was increased in April 2012, I went out and bought a few books at the lower price, so that I would have enough for the rest of the year and christmas.  So the cards I posted today have a lower priced stamp on.



Last Recommended Postal Dates For The UK:


Second Class = Tuesday 18th December 2012

First Class = Thursday 20th December 2012

Special Delivery = Saturday 22nd December 2012

You can find this information and more on the Post Office Website here.


Free letters from Santa:


When your children write their letters to Santa, where do you send them?

My daughters used to spent hours writing their letters to Santa at the beginning of December.  They would list all the toys that they would like him to bring and they would tell him they had been good all year (which was not always true).  We would then all take a walk to our nearest post box and my very excited daughters would post the letters.

This is such a lovely memory to us all, it is a shame that my daughters are teenagers now and don’t want to do this anymore, but I know that other children will still be writing to Santa this year.

Many companies charge anything up to £8 or £10 to reply to your childs letter to Santa.  I’ll let you into a secret that not a lot of people know:

The Royal Mail will kindly reply to your child’s letter to Santa, for free.

Yes you did read this right,  to get a FREE reply, all you need to do, is post your child’s Santa letter to:

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,


This is what it says on the Royal Mail’s website:

“Santa will respond to as many letters as possible, in between getting the sleigh ready for the long journey on Christmas Eve.

To receive your card back from Santa, please make sure you write to him using the correct address on a stamped envelope. Don’t forget Santa needs to know your full name and address to reply.

Santa is happy to receive your cards and letters now but because of a very busy Xmas ahead could you please write to him by no later than Friday 14th December.

Be good and enjoy your holidays, Santa”

You can find more information here.


Thank you for reading my blog today 


2 thoughts on “A Free Reply To Your Kids Letter To Santa & UK Posting Dates

  1. Some lovely ideas here. We have always been upfront with the childen about Santa Clause, and they accept that he is a man dressed up as another man, but they still have fantastic fun with him, and Santa is still a magical wonderful creature to them that holds all the magic of Christmas 😀

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