Saturday Is Bump The Blog Day

Today is ‘Bump the Blog’ day.

I pick a different blog each week, that I particularly enjoy reading.  I then post a link for you to check it out, to see if it interests you too.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there, talking about subjects of all kinds.  Each person spends time and energy updating their blogs and it is lovely getting views and comments in return.

Todays blog  is called ‘Cook Up A Story’

This is what it says about it:

“You can never stop learning about healthy eating. Something new is always coming up.Vinny Grette keeps you in the know. He’ll tell you where to find great stories and articles where food sets the mood, as well as tasty recipes to keep you sharp and strong.  The whole family can read Vinny’s stories to get a handle on food basics”.

I only came across this blog this week, as Vinny had linked to my Chocolate Beetroot Cake recipe.  I think the blog is really different from every other blog I have read and I really reading it.

You can find the blog here.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.

I also hope you have enjoyed reading my blog this week.  I will be back on Monday at approximately 7.30 pm.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Is Bump The Blog Day

  1. I think your blog is brilliant ki read it every night in bed the photo of the cosmos? Do you grow it?
    I bought one from Southport flower show and have popped it into greenhouse but not sure if I wasting my time .
    Wondered if you could help

    • Hi Granny Jan, it’s lovely to hear from you. Yes the Cosmos is one I grew at my allotment, I grow pink ones too. I love them as they flower for ages and they are so easy to grow from seed. One good thing about the plants is they grow and flower happily in average or poor soils. If the soil is too rich they produce more foliage than flowers, so you don’t even need to feed them. The only thing you need to do with them is to deadhead the flowers so more flowers produce.
      Unfortunately, as they are not native to this country the first frosts will kill them. However, the Genus Cosmos has about 20 species of annual and perennial plants in the Asteraceae family, so it is possible you were sold a perennial plant but I would have thought it would need to be kept in a heated greenhouse…does it still have the plant label with it’s latin name? If so let me know what it is and i’ll look into how it is best to keep it, if it is a perennial?

      There is some information here too:

      By the way, thanks for reading my blog. Do you grow veg as well as flowers in your garden?

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