Remembering Our Cheap Half Term Holiday

As it’s cold outside and my new cooker has still not arrived, I thought I’d write about the holiday we had during October.  We are lucky as our childrens half term school holiday was a week earlier than the rest of the country, so we managed to get a good price for the holiday.

We can’t afford expensive hotels  (I’m not sure I’d want to stay in them anyway) or holidays abroad, but we like to make sure we have lovely holidays together, having fun no matter what the weather throws at us.

The Eastbourne Travelodge

We stayed in the Eastbourne Travelodge, which we booked quite some time ago.  We managed to pay just £19 per night, for all four of us in a family room.

Below is a photo of the room we stayed in.  It had a ‘pull-out’ settee for the girls to sleep on and an en-suite bathroom.  There were also tea and coffee making facilities and clean towels that were changed whenever you needed clean ones.

It was clean and tidy when we arrived and we were really lucky as we were given a sea view.  This is the view from our window:

Not bad for a room that only costs £19 per night!

We ordered breakfast for each morning, when we booked the holiday.  Breakfast was £6.95 for adults, but children up to 16 years old, ate free.  There are cereals, fruit, yoghurts, croissants, toast and a full English breakfast if you wanted it.  You can wash it all down with tea, coffee, apple juice or orange juice.  You can help yourself to whatever you want.

So over all, we only paid £164.50 for all four of us, for five nights, for bed and breakfast.

Eastbourne is one of my favourite places to visit.  It isn’t too noisy and I always feel so relaxed here. Though there are things to do with the kids too.

Even in October we spent time messing about on the beach.

And looking for creatures in the rock pools.

We played board games in the evening, which is lovely, as we don’t always get time to do this at home.

We played tennis at the local park and paid a visit to the beautiful ‘Beachy Head’, though it was a misty day so the views weren’t quite as spectacular as they normally are.  You can read about Beachy Head here.

This holiday we also visited Charleston Trust, which was the home of the Bloomsbury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant from 1916.  You can see their website here.

I was particularly interested in the garden and though it was small and it was really the wrong season to visit this garden, I could see that there was a mix of Mediterranean and cottage garden styles.  There were quite a few sculptures in the garden.  The one you can see in the photo below made us laugh:

To keep the holiday costs down we were careful about eating out.

The first day we arrived we had a filling ‘pasta salad’ that I brought from home in our cool bag.  Incidentally, I always freeze an old two litre plastic bottle a couple of days before we go anywhere, to put in the cool bag.  It always stays frozen until the next day, so it keeps the cool bag cold for longer than a normal freezer ice block and we can use the water as it melts for cold squash during our first day.

Two evenings in the week we went to Pizza Express for a meal.  We had saved up our ‘Tesco Vouchers’ so the meals were free.

One night I cooked spaghetti in our room using a useful ‘gadget’ I have.

You fill it with boiling water and it cooks the spaghetti.  I took Asda’s own ‘stir-in pasta sauces’ that you don’t need to cook and served it with salad from the local shop and some grated cheese I brought from home.

On the last evening we treated ourselves to fish and chips….there really is nothing like seaside fish and chips.

For snacks, I took a plastic food container full of biscuits and we brought drinks and crisps from the local supermarket, as it’s cheaper than buying them individually from the small shops on the seafront.

It was such an enjoyable few days and as per usual we didn’t want to leave.

So you really can do holidays cheaply, if you book the holiday well in advance (look for early holiday sales) and if you plan your meals before you go and / or use vouchers to pay for them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today.

5 thoughts on “Remembering Our Cheap Half Term Holiday

  1. Now THAT is an awesome holiday! We would never get anything like that for that cost over here! (Otherwise we would go on holiday more often, lol). Well done you! Great way to follow up on the doomed stove blog 😀

  2. Hi Kimberley. Last week we went to Caister on Sea and we sent hardly anything, we had a lovely 3 bedroom centrally heated static caravan about 30 seconds from the beach, and because we had a caravan I even cooked some meals too! What new cooker are you getting?

    • I’ve never been to Caister before. I love holidays in England, they bring back lots of happy childhood memories for me.

      I’m not getting anything fancy, just another high level grill, a ‘New World’cooker, but as long as it cooks ok i’ll be happy. This one has good reviews.

  3. Wow, what a bargain you got on your hotel! Exploring rock pools sounds cool! I’ve just got back from a short break in Amsterdam but I really do think it’s important and just as good to explore the UK. I’m a big fan and dream of having a cool camper some day so we can just take off. Your spaghetti cooking device is genius! Would be perfect in my dream van! 🙂 Really lovely blog post, some fab ideas!

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