Crab Apple Day and Dairy Free, Egg Free, Shortbread Biscuits

I spent all of the day dealing with the very large amount of Crab Apples that my wonderful friends gave me on Friday:

I have made jars of crab apple jelly and I saved some juice, ready for another recipe tomorrow.  I also washed, top and tailed and froze loads and loads of them, ready to use in the future.  My freezer is certainly bulging at the seams now!

Thank you again Tom and Arlene for the crab apples.  I will obviously be sending some crab apple jelly your way.

Tonight I nipped up to my allotment to pick up my shark fin melons.  I have three decent sized melons, so I’ve just got to figure out how to use them!

I put an apple in the photo so you can gauge the size of them.


At the weekend, I made some shortcake biscuits, to take with me when I visited my mum and step dad.  These biscuits are my husband’s favourite.  They taste nice if you use normal margarine and equally as nice if you use the ‘Pure Dairy Free’ Margarine. My family didn’t realise I had made them dairy free so my daughter and my sister could eat them and they all enjoyed them.

So I thought I’d post the recipe as part of my dairy free / egg free week.


Short Bread Biscuits:


250 grams of plain flour (plus a little extra for rolling)

75 grams of caster sugar (plus some to shake over the biscuits when they are cooked)

175 grams of margarine


Preheat your oven gas mark 3 / 160C / 325 F

Mix the flour and sugar into a bowl.

Rub the margarine into the flour and sugar.

Knead well and when it comes together to form a ball, put it on a floured board.

Roll the dough out, approximately ¼ inch thick.

Use a pastry cutter to make biscuit shapes.

Put the biscuits on a greased baking sheet and prick them gently with a fork.

Bake for approximately 20 minutes.

Put the cooked biscuits on a cooling tray and shake caster sugar over them while they are still warm.

I made approximately 30 biscuits using the ‘Pure Dairy Free’ Margarine and they cost me just 91p to make.  They would be even cheaper if you use normal margarine.

I tried to find a dairy free / egg free shortbread biscuit to compare them to….but I couldn’t find one.


Thank you for reading my blog today.


11 thoughts on “Crab Apple Day and Dairy Free, Egg Free, Shortbread Biscuits

  1. Love the recipe for biscuits as my daughter is lactose intolerant,will give them a try, was busy up at the land putting more fruit in today.

    • Nearly every recipe I have written on my blog I convert to be either dairyfree or lactose free. For example, even toad in the hole and the parsley sauce are made using the lactose free milk. I use the soya yoghurt to make the hummus and anything with cheese, e,g pizza, I use the lactose free cheese. I even make pastry, cakes and bread with these ingredients, and you really can’t tell the difference. Chocolate Icecream is a problem but I’m working on it, but I have found a nice dairy free icecream that I buy from the shop I mentioned, though it is expensive.
      I think it’s terrible that people (especially children) are expected to miss out on so many things that can so easily be made at home.
      I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read about this topic, so thank you for letting me know my post has been useful.

  2. I have been thinking a lot about youir shark fin melons. I’d love to give them a go myself. But as you say, what to do with them is the question! I decided to go and have a sticky beek around and see what was suggested, and many of the recipes are like, wha-at? I can’ do that! Or, I don’t have that! But I came across these three that would be doable for mine self, and thought you might be interested!
    In this one here, I would just use whatever mushrooms I had handy, we love all mushrooms, lol! Except maybe those tin ones in butter sauce. They are only good in stews.
    For this one here,, most of the fillinf I do not have. Well, actually the only one I have is the carrots, lol! But I think the idea is worth looking into 😉
    And this one, I have everything but the Shaoxing Wine, but I could easily substitute it for rice wine vinegar or sherry.
    What d’ya think? Is any of these on the lines you were thinking?
    And the bickies look really good, btw! I just finished a batch of wheatbix buscuits and another of Monte Carlos, and now I want to try these ones too, lol!!

  3. Do you know if the shortbread freezes or how long it will keep as I am making it for a Christmas hamper?They are lovely everyone likes them!

  4. These hampers will definitely be from the heart as there is precious little in the bank!But we will get there!Hope you have a wonderful Christmas !

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