Spiced Green Scallopini (Patty Pan) Chutney and Bulb Planting

Today at my allotment I noticed that the grass seed that I planted last week has started to germinate.  After all the years I have been gardening, I still get excited when something I have planted grows.

I spent most of the morning planting Daffodil bulbs around the edge of my new woodland area, under my rather large plum tree.  The daffodil is my very favourite flower, as it is so simple and yet beautiful.

Afterwards I planted 75 English Bluebells underneath the tree too.

The idea is that it will look lovely in the spring time.  I hope it does.

I had a few spare daffodils, so I planted those in the grass area at the front of my fourth plot.


After I had finished planting the bulbs I turned my attention to my polytunnel.

I cleared the remaining spinach and beetroot and unfortunately I have to admit defeat with my chickpeas and so I cleared them too.

Maybe our summer was just too cold for chickpeas?  Maybe I’ll try again next year?

This area will be used for my winter salad crops that are sitting in my greenhouse at the moment.

I’m having problems trying to get my winter lettuce to germinate at the moment, but I haven’t given up on it yet.


I had quite a harvest today.  I picked plums, apples, blackberries, green patty pans, beetroot and a few raspberries too.


When I got home I made some Spiced Green Scallopini (patty pan) Chutney.  I love courgette chutney and this is very similar.  In fact you can use courgettes in the recipe, if you don’t grow patty pans.


My rather large green scallopini’s (patty pans)


Spiced Green Scallopini (patty pan) Chutney

2 onions chopped

500g tomatoes chopped

500g scallopini’s (green patty pans or you can use courgettes), diced

300ml white wine vinegar

2 cooking apples peeled and diced

250g brown sugar

2 teaspoons mixed spice

1 tablespoon of mustard seeds

Thumb sized piece of root ginger grated

4 garlic cloves crushed


Put all the ingredients in a large pan and bring to the boil slowly, stirring continuously.

Simmer for 2 hours uncovered, until it is dark and looks like chutney.

Pour into hot sterilised jars.

Leave for 3 weeks before eating.


Thank you for reading my blog today


10 thoughts on “Spiced Green Scallopini (Patty Pan) Chutney and Bulb Planting

  1. I know that you are having a break from your blog but I just wanted to say that I have only had my small allotment since June, but your information has been invaluable and this recipe is great. I hope you feel better soon x

      • Yes my alloment was terrible, covered in waist high grass and brambles but I was desperate to get started.i work at a homeless shelter so I only had evenings and weekends but managed to clear a bit at a time putting in raised beds as I went. Its been a huge learning curve and thank god for on line blogs and ive already planned next years planting.

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