Saturday Is ‘Bump The Blog’ Day

Today is ‘Bump the Blog’ day.

I pick a different blog each week, that I particularly enjoy reading.  I will then post a link for you to check it out, to see if it interests you too.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there, talking about subjects of all kinds.  Each person spends time and energy updating their blogs and it is lovely getting views and comments in return.

Todays blog  is called ‘ A Gardener’s Table’

Linda Ziedrich says ” This blog is meant to cultivate an appreciation for fruits and vegetables as they come from the Earth–and for the land, breeding, and labor that make them good to eat–and to share advice from an old-fashioned cook and gardener about the best ways to use and preserve the produce of our gardens, fields, and orchards”.

The link to the blog is here

Homemade Jams, Pickles, Chutney etc


Thank you for reading my blog this week.
I will be back again on Monday, at approximately 7.30pm.
I hope to see you then.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Is ‘Bump The Blog’ Day

  1. Thanks for the blog link! There are some great how to’s there! The nectarine entry made me think I have to try my nectarine/coffee jam again … I couldn’t do it this last season as there was a rather nasty blight that knocked most of our local crops out.
    And I want to try to grow the little pickling gerkins, only I haven’t found an Australian seller yet, and when you ship them in its a 50-50 chance they will grow (though this is not the sellers fault).
    And I am SO going to try that Brined Turnips!!
    And as I read down, there are many facinating things … so many … I am going to Pin my favourites and the rest I will read some other time 😀

    • Glad you liked this blog. There really are some wonderful blogs out there. The only problem is, it is so easy for time to dissapear when you are reading them. A quick 10 minutes always turns into half an hour and then an hour….lol

      • YES! I am very blessed at the moment to be still feeding my .. how old is he now? 18 months I think.. son, and so the duration of his feed time is how long I am on the ol’ computer for, and how often I get on is how often he wants me, lol! Otherwise I could accidently stay on all day!!

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