Back to School and Pasta Bolognese

My two daughters went back to school today after six weeks off for summer.  My day was really quiet without them.

I always miss my girls so much when they go back to school after the long summer holidays and for the first few days I feel like a big part of me is somehow missing.

Back to school

I decided to cook a meal for dinner, that they both really enjoy…the humble ‘Pasta Bolognese’.

I make the bolognese sauce the same as everyone does it, but I use my own passata and add loads of my home grown vegetables.

The homegrown vegetables I used in tonights sauce were tomatoes (for the passata), courgettes, garlic, onion, basil, broad beans, carrots and runner beans.

A big pot of Pasta Bolognaise

(Incidentally, my husband and daughter both think they don’t like runnerbeans or broadbeans, but they don’t know they are actually eating them, as I cook them in a separate pan and then puree them down and mix them in at the end).

No one can accuse our family of not having our ‘five a day’.

The only things I paid for was 800 grams of minced beef and a sprinkling of dried oregano and the dried pasta, so it was a really cheap meal to make.

I made a great big pot full of the sauce and I separated it into three.  One for tonight and two to freeze for another time.

If I need a quick meal one evening, I just defrost the bolognaise sauce before hand and then re-heat it in the microwave, until it is piping hot, and serve it with pasta.

I’m sure that homemade bolognaise sauce is much better for you, than a jar you buy from the supermarket, that has lots of ‘e-numbers’ and preservatives.  A homemade sauce will probably have more meat in it too, even though I padded it out with lots of vegetables.

I mix the cooked pasta into my sauce, as this way the sauce goes even further.

My family also sprinkle a little bit of cheese on the top of their pasta and they all really enjoyed it.

Such a simple cheap meal


At my allotment today I noticed my green manure is growing nicely.

 You can read about my green manure here.

Phacelia – a green manure

My pumpkins have finally put a spurt on, so at least our family will have a pumpkin for halloween:


And finally I picked one of my cabbages and I am really pleased with it.

This was one of the cabbages that were attacked really badly by flea beatle in May and June.  I decided to leave them in and I gave them a weekly feed with a seaweed tonic and hoped for the best.  I think they recovered well.

My Cosmos is finally flowering now too, better late than never.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

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