Radio Leicester and ‘Bump the Blog’

This morning I was on BBC Radio Leicester Saturday morning show.

I have been on the show various times over the last year and I’ve got to say it’s a privilege to be invited.  I really enjoy talking to them and they make me feel very comfortable.

It all started when Jim Davis on Radio Leicester, was talking about ways to save money and I sent him a text.  I told him how I save money by cooking from scratch, growing my own vegetables, old fashioned cleaning etc.  I was then really surprised to be invited into the studio, to talk about it all on the Saturday morning show.  Since then, I have been into his studio various times to chat, cooked in their kitchen ‘live on air’ and they even visited our home on christmas day, to report on our christmas dinner and celebrations. This really made it a christmas to remember, we all loved it.

I am very aware that people would like to cook from scratch or grow their own vegetables etc. but just do not know how to go about this.  I found this information isn’t readily available in the UK and it’s just not passed down from generation to generation anymore.  So, if I can help people to do this, then this will make me happy.

I had been considering starting a blog for some time and it was Radio Leicester that gave me the confidence to do this and the ‘push’ that I needed.

If you would like to listen to the interview, you can listen to it for the next seven days on the link below:

(The interview started approximate one hour and eight minutes into the show)


Today is ‘Bump the Blog’ day.

I pick a different blog each week, that I particularly enjoy reading and I post a link for you to check it out, to see if it interests you too.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there, talking about subjects of all kinds.  Each person spends time and energy updating their blogs and it is lovely getting views and comments in return.


Todays blog  is called ‘ organised castle’.  The lady writing this blog is called ‘Fairy’ and she writes of things that she is passionate about.  These include being organised, cooking from scratch, sewing and her vegetable garden.  She calls her home, “The Castle” which is a small rural acreage near Maleny, Australia.

Here is the link to her blog:

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

I will be back again on Monday, hope to see you then.

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