Saturday is ‘Bump the Blog’ day



Today I’m starting my new regular Saturday feature called ‘Bump the Blog’.

I will pick a different blog each week, that I particularly enjoy reading and I will post a link for you to check it out, to see if it interests you too.


There are so many wonderful blogs out there, talking about subjects of all kinds.  Each person spends time and energy updating their blogs and it is lovely getting views and comments in return.



The first blog I’m featuring is called “livingsimplyfree“.  It’s about a lady called Lois, who is a 49 year old single mother of two boys and grandmother of three.  She was born with Muscular Dystrophy, but says she has been very fortunate as she has travelled extensively through the United States.

This week she has posted about ‘Free finds’, ‘Compromising comes hard’ and ‘How can a business adapt to changing needs’.  She talks about people who have been asking for work, in return for food.  It made me feel very sad for these people and lucky to be in the position that my family are in.  Recession has hit the world hard.

Anyway, here is the link.  I hope you enjoy it:


Calendula officinalis


This is the end of my first week of writing my blog, as I won’t be posting on Sundays.  I’d like to say that Sundays will be a day of rest but I know this will be far from the truth.

I am very pleased and grateful for all your support on my first week.  So far I have had 879 views altogether.  Amazingly I have had views from all of the following countries:

Australia FlagAustralia
United States FlagUnited States
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
Spain FlagSpain
Poland FlagPoland
Netherlands FlagNetherlands
Honduras FlagHonduras
Canada FlagCanada
Germany FlagGermany
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic
France FlagFrance
Colombia FlagColombia
Greece FlagGreece
Finland FlagFinland


How wonderful the world wide web is!


I hope you have all enjoyed reading my blog this week and come back to read it regularly.


Over the weekend I am hoping to create a page on my blog about my four allotments, with photos to see how they have developed over the last eight years and what they look like now.


One of the things I will be posting about next week is ‘cleaning the old fashion way‘.  Not only do the ‘old’ methods of cleaning work, but they save you money, as you don’t have to buy the more expensive chemicals to clean.


I hope you come back to read some more about my life.


Phacelia attracts the bees

See you on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Saturday is ‘Bump the Blog’ day

  1. I’ve just caught up on your blog – haven’t had a chance to read since your raspberry icy poles last week.
    Just wanted to say (again) I’m really enjoying your blog. I love all the detail and photos u give about your gardening – the info about flowers that attract beneficial insects is very helpful. And living your frugal meal ideas too.
    Cheers, Sarah

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