Homemade Raspberry Ice Lollies on a Hot Day…

Raspberry Ice Lolly

It was another beautiful, sunny morning at the allotment today.  After weeks of rain and cloud, the sun is so welcoming.

Early and main crop potatoes

Today I weeded around my potato beds.  I grow a second early called ‘Marfona’ and an early main crop called ‘Picasso’.  Usually by this time of year my main crop of potatoes are large enough to dig up ready for storing…. but not this year due to the weather.  I have been praying for good weather and keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get ‘blight’ and lose the crop.  Last year was a fantastic year for potatoes and our stored potatoes lasted until April, but I don’t think we will be so lucky this year.

My polytunnel

I also went into my polytunnel to harvest some gherkins.  I love my polytunnel.  I inherited it in January when I took on plot number ‘four’.  This year is a ‘test year’ to see what grows well,  though I decided not to grow tomatoes as I do have my greenhouse at home with tomatoes in.   I have already found the polytunnel to be a godsend as I have had vegetables from it, when nothing is growing outside due to the unseasonable weather.

I will prepare the gherkins ready for pickling later.

Todays harvest: loads of gherkins, 2 courgettes and a bunch of large spring onions

I also weeded around my lettuces and brought one home for tonight’s dinner.

Lettuces at the allotment

At 9.30am I took my youngest daughter to her hospital appointment.  In October last year she was diagnosed with a lactose intolerance after her symptoms of tummy aches and periods of feeling sick gradually became worse over the last two years.  We now have to keep her on a lactose free diet, which is basically a dairy free diet. This unfortunately doesn’t include her favourite food, which is chocolate, except the dairy free version which isn’t as nice.  I have found that by using lactose free dairy milk and cheese and a dairy free margarine, I can make most things for her at home.  It has really been a steep learning curve for us all over the last year and it was a real eye opener when I first read food labels and realised what ingredients food actually contain.  It has reaffirmed my belief in baking/cooking from scratch.  Anyway, I’m pleased to say the hospital discharged her today.

This afternoon was so hot that we decided to make some raspberry lollies from raspberries I picked from the allotment.  Fruit lollies are so easy to make and taste delicious and there are loads of vitamins in the fruit, especially if you have just picked them.

 All you need to do is put the fruit in a blender and add a tablespoon or two of icing sugar, depending on how much fruit you have and how sweet you want the lollies to be.  Pour or spoon the fruit into ice lolly moulds and then put them in the freezer for a minimum of four hours.  They taste really nice and the kids all love them.

Tonight we had pasta bolognaise with lots of allotment vegetables incorporated into it, served with a home grown salad and some homemade garlic bread.

Pasta Bolognaise, Garlic Bread and Salad

Life doesn’t get much better than today.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Raspberry Ice Lollies on a Hot Day…

  1. Hi there, i have just found your blog after reading comments on Rhonda’s Down to e Earth blog. I just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to future posts. Looks like you are making really good use of your allotments to grow as much as you can. Well done! It’s very motivating to see – makes me keen to go outside and get organized for the spring/summer growing season ahead (I am in Brisbane, Australia).

  2. What a beautiful garden plot you have. The lollies look wonderful. We grow a lot or raspberries and I’ve never made lollies with them. Thanks for the quidance.

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