Welcome to my new blog

…which will be up and running in two weeks time.  I will be writing about how I live day-to-day and the things I make and do.  I will be cooking from scratch, cleaning the old fashion way and growing fruit, vegetables and flowers organically in my four UK allotments.  All in all you will see how my family live well on less.

The picture above shows raspberries and strawberries from my allotment, that I picked an hour ago.  They are ready to ‘open freeze’ (so they don’t stick together).  I will put them in freezer bags when they are frozen.   These will be used for various things e.g. Jams, cordials, puddings, purees etc. I will post all the recipes on here as I make them.    Behind the trays are sweet peas which I also picked from my allotment.  I grow them as they look pretty, smell wonderful and most importantly to me, they attract beneficial insects which help to pollinate my crops.

I will also share with you how I shop for food, toiletries, clothes, presents and even holidays.  I will show you how I store my vegetables, including pickling and  juicing and how I also use my vegetables and flowers in unusual ways e.g. lavender cakes, pea pod soup or my famous chocolate beetroot cake.  I will write about how we celebrate birthdays and christmas and how I make  hampers for  family presents.  I have to be organised to do all this and I will show you how I do it.

Everyone is different and my way is not necessarily the right way, but it may give you some ideas to take away and try yourself.

I really hope you will find this blog useful.

Thanks for reading it.

Freshly picked produce 8th July 2012

23 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. Good luck Lisa, I will be following avidly. How about a Q & A area for beginners like me. Just got back from holiday and birds have savaged my purple sprouting broccoli and sprouts. I should have listened to you regarding netting.

  2. Mike, the birds at my allotments are terrible. In fact, I’ve never seen such fat pigeons as this year! I’ve learnt through bitter experience too.
    You can still sow purple sprouting broccoli this month if you hurry, or buy small plants from garden centres or nurseries. Unfortunately though, it is too late to sow brussel sprouts.

  3. I will look forward to reading this after seeing your fabulous allotment yesterday and benefiting from your invaluable advice. Good luck :).

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve added yours to my Google Reader list so that I won’t miss any updates. I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

  5. Thanks for joinging my blog – I am looking forward to yours too. I am trying to live a more ‘natural’ life and am planning on moving soon to fulfill this dream. xxx

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